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Westmorland Villages

Westmorland Villages - West Ward

Askham - Helton (Helton Flecket).

Bampton - Bombey, Butterwick, Knipe, Mardale, Measand, Swindale.

Barton - Hartsop, Patterdale, Yanwath, Eamont Bridge (part), Pooley Bridge, Howtown and Martindale.

Brougham - Whinfell, Woodside



Crosby Ravensworth - Birkbeck Fells, Maulds Meaburn, Reagill.

Lowther - Hackthorpe, Whale, Melkinthorpe.

Morland - Bolton, Kings Meaburn, Newby, Sleagill, Strickland Great, Strickland Little, Thrimby.

Shap - Ros(e)gill, Hardendale, Rayside, Wet Sleddale.

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Westmorland Villages