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.ART. III. – A Pedigree of the Family of Porter of Bolton, Cumberland. By C. A. PARKER, M.D., F.R.C.S.E. Communicated at Carlisle, April 27th, 1911.

PORTER (Portarius) is a name obviously derived from the occupation of the founder of the family, i.e. the keeper of the gate. The bells on the family coat may be in allusion to his duty to give the alarm, and the portcullis often used as crest carries out the same idea.

In the Pipe Rolls of Cumberland an entry occurs concerning Jordan the Porter and his payment of twopence towards tallage at Carlisle, imposed in 7th Henry III (1223-24).

TALLAGIUM MANERIORUM.. – Jordanus Portarius reddit compotum de ijd. De quadam placea in Carleolo. In thesauro liberavit. Et quietus est.

The Sheriff accounts for like payments from the same Jordan in 1226-7 and 1228-29 respectively. I take it that Jordan was keeper of one of the city or castle gates, and may (especially if the office was hereditary) have founded a family called PORTER. In 1578 James Porter was jailer of Carlisle Castle (Calendar of Letter and Papers, Henry VIII., vol. 4, p. 1828, quoted these Transactions, N.S., xii., p. 40).


Allerby, Alwardby, otherwise Crosby Aylwarde, takes its name from the original proprietor, who appears to have been in possession of his "cross place" prior to 1120, and to have been a man of importance. At any rate, according to the Disributio Cumberlandiae, his son Dolphin was of sufficient stand to wed the sister of Waldeof, first lord of Allerdale below Derwent, and to get with her Applethwaite, Little Crosby, Langrigg and Brigham. In the 13th century Aylwardby was in the hands of the DERWENTWATERS, and at the inquisitio post mortem of Sir Thomas de DERWENTWATER in 1303 Thomas de LOUTHRE was found holding, as free tenant, a moeity of the hamlet of Crosseby by homage, and the service of 5s. for cornage, to be paid to the lord of DERWENTWATER to the use of our lord the King yearly (W. N. Thompson, Transactions, N.S., iv., p. 293). John LOWTHER de Aylwardby occurs in the list of Cumberland as gentry returned by the Commissioners of Henry VI. In 1433 (Fuller’s Worthies), and later in that century the daughter and heiress of Thomas LOWTHER of Aylwardby married Thomas PORTER of Bolton in Allerdale (Visitation of 1615, Harleian MSS.).

  1. Thomas PORTER, of Bolton, who married the heiress of Thomas LOWTHER of Alwardby, had two sons,

1. William, his heir

    1. Thomas
  1. William PORTER, of Allerby, son of Thomas, married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard EAGLESFIELD of Alneborough, and has issue:
    1. Anthony, his heir.

2, 3. Two daughters.

  1. Anthony PORTER, of Allerby, son of William and Elizabeth, married Jane, daughter and co-heiress of Rowland THORNBOROUGH of Osmotherly in Furness. His arms in the Visitation of 1615 show he was a second son. He was probably Rowland, second son of Rowland THORNBOROUGH, of Hampsfield, Lancashire, and Margaret his wife, daughter of Sir Geoffrey MIDDLETON of Middleton Hall, Knight (N. and B., i., p. 117). Anthony had issue:
    1. William his heir
    2. John, a priest.
    3. Ann, who married Thomas HARRINGTON of Wollap, who died in 1542.
  1. William PORTER, of Allerby, son of Anthony and Jane, held in 1543 the capital messuage and town of Allerby of the King in capite, rendering for the same yearly 3d. cornage and 8d. seawake, with other services (N. and B., ii., p. 154). In that year he was one of the gentlemen of Cumberland called out by Sir Thomas WHARTON for service on the borders, and provided two horsemen. The forays lasted from the second of July to the 17th of November, and the "bag" is set down thus:

Towns, towers, stedes, barnekyns, parish churches, bastel houses,

Cast down or burned 192

Scots slain 403

Prisoners taken 816

Horned cattle taken 10,386

Sheep 12,492

Nags and geldings 1,296

Goats 200 Bolls of corn 890

Insight (household furniture) not reckoned (Haine’s State Papers). In 1552 William was an overseer of the night-watchers against the Scots, between Waver and Aill (Ellen) (N. and B., i., p. 88). He married 1st Ellyn, daughter of Robert BRIDGES, by whom he had issue:

    1. Anthony, who died without male issue, daughters Anne & Mabel.
    2. Thomas, his heir.
    3. William.
    4. James.
    5. Richard, "of Long Sleddale, Westmoreland, gentleman," in 1568, when by permission of Henry DETHICK, the chancellor of the diocese, he entered a caveat claiming the right of presentation upon the death of Lancelot WALLES, rector of Plumland (N. and B., ii., p. 119).

William PORTER married secondly, Christobel, who died with out issue. Thirdly, Frances, second daughter and one of the heirs of Sir John LAMPLUGH, High Sheriff of Cumberland in 1535, and Catherine his wife, daughter and co-heiress of Guy FOSTER of Alderwyke, Yorks., by whom he had issue:

    1. George of Weary Hall. (VI.)
    2. Mary.

William appears to have died about 1562.

Sir John LAMPLUGH married first, Isabel, daughter of Christopher CURWEN, by whom he had a son, John, who succeeded him. By his second wife he had Mary, married to Thomas SKELTON; Frances, married to William PORTER; and Mabel (Lamplugh Pedigree, Visitation of 1615). Mabel seems to have been the daughter of John LAMPLUGH, who married David, third son of Hugh FLEMING of Rydal, and had eight children. The arms of Foster, Argent, a chevron vert, between 3 bugles sable, stringed gules, would descend to George PORTER quartered with the arms of Lamplugh.

  1. Thomas PORTER, second son of William and Ellyn, succeeded. In 1562, on the death of William PORTER, rector of Plumland, Lancelot WALLES was instituted, upon the presentation of Thomas PORTER of Alwardby, gentleman (N. and B., ii., p. 119). In 1578 he held the manor of Crosby and Allerby (Meaning Crosby Aylward. High and Low Crosby (Canonby) was a separate manor in a different parish.), sometime the lands of John DERWENTWATER, and late the lands of William PORTER, father of the said Thomas, by homage, cornage, serjeant’s food, seawake, and turnsilver, rendering per annum, 11/8. He also held in the town of High Crosby two messuages and four oxgangs of land, late Thomas LOWTHER’s, by homage, fealty and suit of court, paying yearly for cornage 9d., for seawake 1 ½d., with serjeants’s food, etc.; in all 10 ½d. (Survey of 1578, quoted by Whellan). He married Elizabeth daughter of _____, and it was apparently he who, having no child, made his wife joint tenant with him, and she surviving afterwards married a younger brother of the EGLESFIELDS, in whose family Allerby continued, until Richard EGLESFIELD, about 1690, sold it to Richard LAMPLUGH of Dovenby (N. and B., ii., p. 154). Lysons says the family became extinct early in the 17th century.

    Quarterly of four, 1 and 4, Gules, on a fess or, three bells azure, within a bordure engrailed, argent, for Porter: 2, or, six annulets sable, three, two and one, for Lowther: 3, Ermine, fretty gules, on a chief of the last a crescent or, for difference, for Thornborough. Crest, an antelope’s head, erased, argent, attired gules, gorged with two bends sinister, or, (Visitation of 1615, Harleian MS.).

    Thornborough quartering – Argent, two bars gules, on a canton of the second a cross of the first, for Broughton – Argent, two bars and a canton gules, a garter sable, for Copeland. – Sable, a fret argent, for Harrington.


    Weary Hall is an ancient building approached by a private road, which turns off at right angles from the Roman road from Cockermouth to Carlisle just north of Mealsgate, in the parish of Bolton. The east front is pointed and of venerable appearance, some of the walls being nearly five feet thick; but unfortunately the rest of the house is covered with cement, which hides its ancient features and renders it difficult to make out the original design. It is apparently the kind of house that immediately succeeded the Pele towers, being L shaped, with a turret projection east at the north end, which contains several built up windows, some only a few inches square. This has probably contained the original spiral stair. Some of the windows have dripstones, but any mullions they may have had are gone, and many are modern insertions. The whole block is now used as a farmhouse and two cottages. The front door is in the usual position at the re-entering angle of the L. It has been altered at some time, and over it is a fanlight that may have replaced a stone-dated 1576, which is said to have been there. Opposite the door a fine oak staircase with heavy balusters runs to the top of the four-storied house. This seems to be a later improvement, a piece of the hall having been cut of to allow of its being inserted. At the stair foot a door opens into the south limb of the L, in which are two rooms, one apparently the original kitchen, which has a door to the east between heavy buttresses, probably modern; the other having a door with a Tudor arch, opening on the west into the park. The top of the stairs is masked by a partition that looks like a cupboard, the inside being quite dark; but the stair runs up from it to the attic, where there is what is called " the hiding-place" under the slates.

    Tradition says that Mary Queen of Scots once visited the house. If so it must be older than 1576, for the only possible occasion was in May, 1568, when the queen was escorted from Cockermouth to Carlisle by Sir Richard LOWTHER. She must have passed by the gate of Weary Hall, nearly halfway from Cockermouth to Carlisle, and may well have stopped for refreshment.

    The Park is surrounded with trees which hide the house, and contains, about 50 yards from the west front, a large dry ditch, bending at right angles, over 20 feet wide and 10 deep. This appears from a depression in the ground to have once surrounded an irregular square, and at a little distance is a large knoll which has been almost completely dug away, perhaps to full up the ditch. There is no water supply. It appears to have been the defence of some earlier house than Weary Hall and might possibly have been the original Bol-tun.

  3. George PORTER, of Weary Hall appears to have been identical with George the youngest son of William PORTER of Allerby, (No. IV.) by his last marriage, with Frances LAMPLUGH. If so, he had five half brothers --- Anthony, Thomas, William, James and Richard, and an uncle Thomas HARRINGTON. In his lengthy will George mentions Anthony PORTER’s wife, and two daughter Anne and Mabel; William of Wharral Hill (Quarry Hill); and "my cousin James HARRINGTON." Anthony appears to have died without male issue, the Allerby estate going to Thomas; Richard was "of Long Sleddale"; of James we know nothing unless he is meant by "my halfe brother John," (John (Dower?), probably illegitimate. Thomas HARRINGTON had a son James (Dr. Haswell).), also mentioned in George’s will. George was connected in some way with the PENNINGTONS; I suspect him of having been a lawyer and sometime steward of MUNCASTER; anyway he received lands from the family, which he speaks of as " his Pennington inheritance."

He was evidently a wealthy and important man, possessing beside the capital messuage and estate of Weary Hall in Bolton, the manor of Crosby and Crosby Mill in Cross Canonby; part of the manor of Wiggonby; lands at Woodhall, Dean, and at Pardshaw; lands at Drigg and Ravenglass; at Frankyshowe; at Flimby Park; at Rosethwaite (?Usthwaite); at Bleatarn, Eskdale and Lawholme, Mitterdale, etc., with a considerable cash personality. He also possessed the advowson of Plumland, which in 1578 was in the possession of Thomas PORTER of Allerby.

The Pennington inheritance fell as early as 1557, for the inquisitio post mortem of William PENNYNGTON taken at Cockermouth 19 March, 16 Elizabeth (1573-4), after stating that the deceased held lands called "Flymbye Parke, in Flymbe," goes on to say: "Also the said William, by charter dated 13 March, 1556-7, granted to George PORTER, gentleman, his servant, a yearly rent of 5£., out of a moiety of the manor of Flembye, for life, with clause of entry and distress; and said George is still living. . . . Further, the said William PENNYNGTON was seised in fee of the manor of Pennyngton, with appurtenances, co. Lancaster; . . . and being so seised, . . . a fine was levied between Ralph LAYTUS and Robert SANDES, gentlemen, plaintiffs, and William PENNYNGTON, deforciant, . . . by which fine said Ralph and Robert were seised of the said manor, . . and being so seised, Antony HUDDLESTONE and George PORTER, at the Sessions held at Lancaster on Monday in the fifth week of Lent, 15 Eliz. (March 1572-3), recovered against them by writ de ingressu in le post, to the use of said William for life, and after his decease to the use of his wife and children (Chanc. Inq. p.m. 16 Eliz. Penningtoniana No. 91).

In 1567 George presented William TURNER to the rectory of Bolton, being patron for that turn by grant from Thomas HUTTON of HUTTON John, who claimed (in chief) from John NEVIL, Lord LATIMER (N. and B., ii., p. 149).

Soon after 1568 he purchased the manor of Crosby, in the parish of Cross Canonby from Anthony HIGHMORE, who had it from Gabriel HIGHMORE, who bought it from Richard BRIDGES and others, to whom Henry VIII. Had granted it (inter alia) in 1545 (N. and B., ii., p. 158).

In 1575 he gave security to the widow of William PENNINGTON (called Lady Bridget ASKEW) for the sum of sixty pounds (these Transactions, N.S., x., p. 341).

According to John DENTON (p.83) he purchased from Leigh of Isel his part of the manor of Wiggonby in the parish of Orton.

In 1578 George PORTER held a capital messuage with lands adjoining called Woodhall, in the parish of Dean, late the lands of Thomas WOODHALL, by homage, fealtie, suit of court at Cockermouth, and other services, rendering per annum 10 ¼d.; and other lands at Woodhall (or Ullock) by the same services rendering per annum is. 9d. At the same date he held certain lands at Pardshaw in the same parish as freeholder; a Thomas PORTER being also a freeholder at Deanscales (Survey of 1578.)

In March, 1587, he is mentioned in the Eskdale xxiv. Book, as the possessor of a sheep pasture called Hollgill Ridding, which adjoins the land yet called Porterthwaite, high up on the south side of the Screes, near Hallgill. ("Mr. PORTER" is mentioned in the accounts of the German miners at Keswick, 1568, apparently in connection with coal mines opened at Bolton. (Elizabethan Keswick, p. 29).

He married, about 1568, Ann, daughter of William SKELTON of Armathwaite, by his wife Anne, daughter of William LEIGH of Isel. Ann PORTER survived her husband over 30 years, dying at Weary Hall 6th February, 1618.

George died in 1587, leaving a lengthy will containing numerous legacies, showing amongst other things that he was very friendly with the rector of Bolton.


Being "sycke in bodye" 7th Aug. 1586, xxviiith. Elizabeth, "my bodye may be buryed and inhumate in ye chancell of my pyshe church at Bowlton, or else where it shall please God to call of ye same fourth of this Lyfe.

To Joseph my eldest sonne, and his heirs my manor Crosbye, Cumbd, with appurtenances and the water corn mill there, called Crosbye mylne; in default of issue to Lancelot my second sonne and his heirs; in default to George my third sonne and his heirs; in default to my right heirs for ever.

To Lanslote my second sonne and his heirs for ever, all my domaines, &c. at Wodhall in the parish of Dean, and all my lands, &c. in Deane, Cokermouth, Cumbd, which I lately purchased from Mr. WODHALL; and all my lands in Dregge and Ravenglass. Provided that if Lancelot shall succeed to the manor of Crosby, &c. all my lands at Wodhall, Drigg and Ravenglass shall go the George my third son and his heirs for ever.

To George my third sonne, for his life, All my lands, &c. at Frankyshowe, Cumbd and the advowson and Patronage of Plumland, for the next vacation only.

Neither Lancelot or George to receive any rents, &c from these lands during the minority of Joseph; my wife Anne to have the same, and the rest of the two parts of all my manors, &c. for the bringing up of my younger sons Lancelot and George, and my daughter Mabell, and payment of my debts, so long as she continues a widow; and if she shall marry again I will that my s(upervisors) shall enter into the same on behalf of my sons.

To my wife All my capital messuage called Weryehall in Boulton, for her life, and the Intake or Improvement of Ground adjoining during the minority of my son Joseph.

To Joseph my eldest son the reversion of all the manors, lands &c. disposed of to Lancelot and George my sons, or my wife Anne. In default of male issue of Joseph to each of his daughters £100.

To Joseph six oxen, six cows, six young cattle, and all my sheep at Bleatarn, half of my household stuff and half my plate, and all my title of the Bleatarn farm being of my Pennyngtons inheritance (Bleatarn in Eskdale).

To Lanslote my second son, all my sheep at Rosethwaite and the title of t my farm at Rosethwaite and tat the Lawholme in Myterdale.

To my wife, all those sheep commonly called hers and half of my household stuff and plate and all my lease in Flembye Parke.

To my daughter Mabel £100.

To my wife and my son George all the rest of my sheep.

To my half brother John (DOWER?) 20/-.

To my natural daughter Jenet PORTER, £20.

To the poor of Bolton, 20/-.

To the parish church of Bolton, 20/-.

To my natural son Henry PORTER 40/- and remission of his debts to me.

To William PORTER of Wharral Hill, 40/- to buy himself a nagge withal.

To Anthony TURNER, 40/-.

To Thomas HEWET, 20/- and all money he is owing me.

To George KEDDY my servant, 40/-.

To Thomas DIXON my shepherd, 40/-.

To any other servant in the house at the time of my death, 10/-.

To the eldest son of my cousin James HARRINGTON, a cow and a calf.

To each of my supervisors an old angell.

To my godson Henry TURNER, the parson’s son, a cow and a calf.

To Anne and Mabel the parson’s daughters, two lambs and a whye [heifer calf] each.

To my godson George, Robert ARDELL’s son, 40/-.

To my godson George TURNER, a cow and a calf.

To George HERON, 20/-.

To William TURNER, parson of Bolton, all money he is owing me, except four marks of lent money.

To my wife, my son George and my daughter Mabel all the rest of my goods, they to be my executors.


My brother in law John MYDDELLTON esquire, (John MYDELLTON, esquier, attorney at law, appears in a deed by Dame Brigett ASKEWE (PENNINGTON) along with Abraham CHAMBERS. Deed dated 1582. CHAMBERS witnessed George PORTER’s security to Dame Bridget in 1575.), whose daughter I hope my son Joseph will marry.

Mr. Joseph PENNYNGTON, esquire.

My brother in law Mr. Richard SANDFORTH.

My father in law Mr. William SKELTON.

My cousin James HARRYNGTON.

To my brother in law Lanslote SKELTON.

The Parson of Bolton.

Codicil dated 23rd August, 1586.

To John BERWYCKE at Leythes Berwycke, five marks, he to be set tenant of the acre of meadow in the Broad Enge and his fine to be paid by me exors.

To Thomas WHITE 20/- whereof I have given him 5/-.

To Anthonye PORTER’s wife 10/-.

To the parson of Bolton’s wife, a couple of angels.

To Joseph my son. £80.

To my wife, £60.

To Lanslote my son, £60.

To George my son, £60.

To Mabel my daughter, £50."

Proved at Carlisle May 5, 1587.


Taken at Carlisle 9 Sep. 16 Jas. I., [1618].

Anne PORTER of Weyry Hall in parish of Bolton, Cumb., late wife of George PORTER gent. Deceased.

She ob. seised of 1 messuage in Waverton in par. Of Wigton. Also lands called fflemby Parke in par. Of fflembie, Cumb.,

3 messuages in Deanscales in par. Of Deane.

2 messuages in Ullocke in pa. Of Bromfield. Lands and a dovecote there.

She made a will dated 14 Jan. 10 Jas. I. [1613] by which she devised to George s. of Joseph PORTER, her son, lands at Westsyde, or Portersyde, and FlembyPark, lately the perquisite of Joseph PENNINGTON armiger – to the said George and his heirs male lawfully begotten, and in default to William PORTER, 2nd son of Joseph to Anthony, 3rd son, John, 4th son, Joseph junr., 5th son, and Lancelott, 6th son, their heirs male lawfully begotten – successively; and in default to the right heirs of Joseph PORTER; the lands being held of Joseph PENNINGTON of Muncaster.

Her d. Mabell PORTER was her executor.

Anne Porter died at Weyri Hall 6 Feb. 15 Jas. I [1618.] Joseph PORTER senior is her son and heir, aged more than 40 at time of the Inq. p. m.

George and Ann PORTER had four children.

    1. Joseph, their heir.
    2. Lancelot, who died without issue.
    3. Mabel, who married Cuthbert ORFEUR of Arcleby, son of Wm. ORFEUR of High Close, High Sheriff of Cumberland, 1635, and Bridget, daughter of John MUSGRAVE of Plumpton. He died at Pryor Hall, Cumb. Will dated 28 Dec. 1688; proved at Wigton 21 June, 1692.
    4. George, B.A. Queen’s Coll. Cambridge, 1595-6, M.A. 1599. Fellow of Queen’s before 1600. Incorporated at Oxford, 16 July, 1600. LL.D. Camb. 1611. Professor of Civil Law at Cambridge from soon after 1611 ("Annus incertus ets" (Graduati Cantabrigienses. By A. R. LUARD). Thomas MORRISON was Professor in 1611, Thomas GOAD in 1635), until his death there 1634-35, without issue, aged about 57. About 1588 he presented William RICHARBIE to the rectory of Plumland. (N. and B., ii., p. 119).
  1. Joseph PORTER, of Weary Hal, armiger, born about 1570, the eldest son of George and Ann, succeeded as a minor in 1587. He also held on 4th October 1599 the manor and old rent of Langrigg, in the parish of Bromfield, once the property of DOLPHIN; but the OSMUNDERLEYS descended from an heiress of the de LANGRIGGS had the demesne and six tenements (Inq. p. m. of Cuthburt OSMUNDERLEY, quoted by WHELLAN, p.216). by 1600, his brother Lancelot was dead and he was in possession of lands in Eskdale, Wasdale, and Nether Wasdale (Low Holme and Usthwaite); paying in 1605-6, 1625 and 1626, Lands £10, subsidy 16/-; and in 1628-29, Lands £2, subsidy 16/- (Subsidy rolls).

He married Ann, daughter of his neighbour Lancelot SALKELD of Whitehall, and Dorothy his wife, daughter of Alan ASKEUGH of Skeughsby, Yorks.

On August 22nd, 1603, he purchased Ewe Close, Miln Close, and Skirmingham Mill, co. Durham, for the use of his son William (Calendar of Committee or Compounding, 1642-60), but Joseph’s estate was sequestered for delinquency under the Commonwealth, also Lancelot SALKELD’s.

In 1628 Lancelot FLETCHER was presented to the rectory of Plumland by Joseph PORTER "of Bridekirk" esq., notwithstanding a caveat entered by Richard SKELTON gentleman (N. and B., ii., p. 119). This was possibly Joseph junior.

In 1629 William FAIRFAX was presented to the rectory of Bolton by Richard TOLSON, on a purchased turn from Joseph PORTER, the original patron (Ibid., p. 149): and in 1644 Mr. PORTER was one of those who sent provisions to Carlisle during the siege by LESLEY. He lived to an advanced age, dying in 13 May, 1649.

His children were:

    1. George, his heir.
    2. William, of Lowholme, Eskdale. No. XI.
    3. Anthony, living in 1613.
    4. John, living 18 June, 1652 (Cal. Committee for Compounding, 1643-60). See No. XXXVI.
    5. Joseph, living 18 June, 1652 (Ibid.), perhaps of Bridekirk.
    6. Lancelot, of Usthwaite, Irton. XLVIII.
    7. Nicholas, of Flimby in 1673, when his sister in law, Margaret, wife of Lancelot PORTER, settled lands in Santon upon him. He appears to have moved to Usthwaite, where in 1676 he received 30 sheep under Margaret’s will. In 1690 Nicholas PORTER of Usthwaite, gentleman, was indebted for a certain sum of money to Thomas PORTER of Usthwaite, gentleman (Blackhow MSS.). Nicho. PORTER was buried at Irton 21 May 1707 (Irton Reg.).
    8. Elizabeth, married to Leonard EMMERSON of Helclose House, Yorks.
    9. Margaret, married to Henry SKELTON of Branthwaite.
    10. Ann, married to Christopher CURWEN of Camerton; buried at Camerton 17 September. Her will proved at Carlisle 7 December , 1686. He died April, 1661, aged 44.
    11. Frances, married to Anthony METCALF of Aldborough, Yorks.
    12. Bridget.
  1. George PORTER, of Weary Hall, eldest son of Joseph and Ann PORTER, born about 1599, married about 1644 Ann, daughter of Richard HICKSON of Preston, in the Bishopric of Durham; and died three weeks after his father, on June 3, 1649. He sold the manorial rights of Cross Canonby to the tenants. His brother Joseph and Richard SKELTON of Thornthwaite were left joint guardians of his children. His wife may have been the " Ann PORTER widdow, buried 16 May, 1675" at Bolton.

His children were:

    1. Joseph, his heir.
    2. George, probably the "George PORTER of Low Holme" mentioned in Margaret PORTER’s will in 1676.
    3. John.

IX Joseph PORTER of Weary Hall, born 1645, succeeded at the early age of 5 years to a sequestered estate about which his guardians had much trouble.


"Joseph PORTER of Weary Hall, Cumb. re his estate.

1651, Jan. 29. Richard SKELTON of Thornthwaite, Cumb., guardian of Joseph PORTER aged 5, begs discharge with arrears from 24 dec. 1649, and return of bonds for payment of rent of an estate in which the child’s grandfather, Joseph PORTER, who died in May, 1649, and his father George Porter, who dies 30 days later, were but tenants for life, but it is still sequestered for the delinquency of the grandfather. The father was never sequestered, and the petitioner is well affected.

1651, Jan. 31. The County Committee is to examine the infant’s title to the estate, the date of death of the father and grandfather, &c.

1651, Feb 5. SKELTON begs for possession of the estate on security, pending a hearing, it being the season of the year for tilling the lands.

1651, Aug. 6. The report being ready he begs an order for a speed hearing, as rents are being received by the County Committee, who propose to let the estate. He begs that they be no disposed of till the judgment is given.

1651, Oct 8. He begs an order to the County Committee to allow him to receive rents on security of pending judgment, being at great charge in educating the infant, and the 2 younger children, and having done his utmost for a hearing, but it cannot be obtained for 3 months. His petition is rejected.

1651, Oct. 22. The hearing ordered for tomorrow.

1651, Oct. 23. Order on report that as the infant’s guardian is a Protestant the estate is to be discharged, with arrears from 31 Jan., 1651, and the bonds given up, but the County Committee are to enquire whether the father was not a delinquent as well as a papist, and to see that the infant is brought up a protestant.

1652. Ap. 30. The Country Committee report that the two uncles, John and Joseph PORTER are recusants, and refuse the oath of abjuration, that Joseph is joint guardian of the child, and has him in tuition.

1652, June 18. Order that two thirds of the estates of John and Joseph PORTER are to be seized if they refuse the oath, unless they are under age. SKELTON is to take care as to the bringing up of the infant in the protestant religion, and to give an account thereof."

All came right at the Restoration, and Joseph aged 19, 31 March, 1665, was in possession, and presented Daniel HICKSTETTER to the rectory of Bolton (N. and B., ii., p. 149). Soon after he visited York races, and being unfortunate in betting, he then and there sold the advowsons of Bolton and Plumland to Richard THOMPSON of Arkleby Hall, for £100 down.

In 1686 both the rectors died, and Mr. THOMPSON presented the two livings to the Rev. Michael ROBINSON, reserving £60 per annum to himself. ROBINSON died in 1700, when Mr. THOMPSON presented the livings to his own son, who became involved in the South Sea Bubble, and was obliged to sell them to Sir Wilfred LAWSON for £500 (Whitehaven, by W. JACKSON).

Joseph PORTER sold the demesne of Scales in the parish of Bromfield to Sir John BALLENTINE; whose heiress brought it to dykes, and most of the tenements to freehold (N. and B., ii., p. 168); the manors of Bromfield, Langrigg, and Crosby were sold by his executors under his will. In 1678 he acknowledged a debt of £50 to John THOMPSON of Le Loyneing (Lonnin Head?) in Irton, miller. The deed is signed by him and ______ MUSGRAVE, Henry SALKELD, Philip STANLEY and Jo. LAVEROCK. Sea, a coat bearing 3 martlets; crest a horse’s head, couped (Blackhow MSS.)

He married Mary (Will), who (SANDFORD tells us) was daughter of TAYLOR of Tadcaster, Yorks, and had issue:

    1. George, his heir.
    2. Joseph.
    3. Charles.
    4. Olive.
    5. Mary.

He died in the early part of 1695, leaving a will showing that he had a colliery at Weary Hall. His widow died in 1710.


I, Joseph PORTER of Weary Hall, co. Cumberland, Esq.

My body to be buried at discretion of Executrix.

To Francis HERMITAGE of Kirby, co. York, Esq.; Thomas SALKELD of Whitehall, co. Cumb. Esq.; William WOMBELL of Wombell, co. York, Esq.; Christopher CURWEN of Camberton, co. Cumb. Esq.; John SKELTON of Branthwait, co. Cumb. Esq.; Stephen TAYLOUR of London, Gentleman, and Mary my wife, m severall Mannors of Crosby, Brumfield, and Langrigg, upon trust and confidence, to sell the same, and out of the money thereby raised to pay,

To Joseph my second son, £180.

To Charles my third son, £180.

To Olive my eldest daughter, £200.

To Mary my second daughter, £180.

To George my eldest son, all the rest of my messuages, lands and Tenements, on condition of payment of my debts—

May my wife sole Executrix—

Provided always this be no barr hinderance nor prejudice unto my said wife as to her Thirds of all my estates and of the Colliery at Weary Hall abovesaid.


Witnesses – John RAWLING, William SISSON, John BROUGH, Thomas BOWMAN.

Dated 21 April, 1693; Proved at Carlisle 4 May 1695.

Administration granted to George PORTER.

X George PORTER son of Joseph and Mary of Weary Hall, appears from an entry in Bolton register "Mary PORTER of Weary Hall buried in Bolton churchyard ye 30th July, 1710" to have retained possession until his mother’s death, soon after which the Hall was sold to the DRURY family. It is now the property of Joseph HARRIS, Esq.

LYSONS says that this line became extinct early in the eighteenth century.


Sable, three church bells, argent. Crest, An Antelope’s head, erased, argent, attired or, gorged with a ducal coronet, gules.

These arms he affirmeth to be borne by his great grandfather and that they are cut in stone ver antient over ye gates of his house at Weary Hall.

Certified by Joseph PORTER, Cockermouth, 31 Martii, 1665 (Heralds’ Visitation, Harleian MSS.).


The COPELAND and BROUGHTON quarterings, and the name of ROWLAND, came to THORNBOROUGH thus:--

ROWLAND, fifth son of Sir Richard de KIRKBY, married Margaret, heiress of Alan COPELAND, of Copeland, Seaton, Bootle, Gosforth, etc.; and died leaving a son William, who had a daughter and heiress Elizabeth, who married BRADLEY of Bradley, Lancashire and died without issue temp. Henry VIII. Margaret COPELAND married secondly John BROUGHTON of Broughton, and entailed her estates on the issue of her second marriage, in case of failure of the KIRKBY, line. Her granddaughter and heiress Elizabeth BROUGHTON married William THORNBOROUGH, whose son, named Rowland, was grandfather of Jane THORNBOROUGH who married Anthony PORTER.

On the death of Elizabeth BRADLEY her estates where claimed by Henry and Anne KIRKBY of Kirkby, and a lawsuit followed, which was eventually decided in favour of THORNBOROUGH (West Furness).

The HARRINGTON quartering is said by NICHOLSON and BURN to have been brought in by BROUGHTON, but it does not appear how.

The first George PORTER appears to have adopted a variant of the family coat while the elder branch was still extant, instead of differencing in the ordinary way. It is curious that his arms should be so much simpler than the original coat. The quartering born by ALLERBY are not given in the visitation of 1665 under Weary Hall, though it states that George was a younger branch of the old house: yet there seems little room for doubting that he was identical with the George with which the visitation of 1615 ends. There is no trace of any other George in the will as Carlisle.


Low Holme is a farm at the foot of Miterdale, the house standing on the last spur of the fell dividing that valley from Eskdale, in which parish it lies. The sheep belonging to it had their heave on Eskdale Moor in the Lordship of Egremont, but the farm is a parcel of the manor of Muncaster, a freehold. The house though standing high is well sheltered by large trees and woods, and both view and situation are beautiful. It seems to have been originally L shaped, but the New House (The Dower House) has been joined on, making a second wing. The door is a the re-entering angle and has a porch with the depressed arch common to the district with JSP 1777 cut upon its centre (John and Sarah PORTER). In the parlour wall is a plain oak press without date. The windows have been altered and the mullions are gone. The outside stone stair, by which the bedrooms were reached, still remains, covered with ivy. Over the stable door is a freestone block bearing JBP (John and Bridget PORTER) with the added date 1863, when is was enlarged. Two of the garden walls are so massive and high and composed of such large stones that they appear to have been part of an earlier building. A stream close by is called Geordie Spout, and the yew planted by the Rev. Joseph PORTER still stands. Across the Mite the family name is preserved in Porterthwaite, where there is said to have been a house and a slag heap.


XI William PORTER, second son of Joseph PORTER and Ann SALKELD of Weary Hall (No. VII.) born before 1600, settled at Low Holme early in the 17th century. Low Holme is a freehold parcel of the manor of Muncaster, although in Eskdale parish and the valley of the Mite. The three freeholders of the manor are invariably styled "gentlemen" in the Court Rolls, though, as we have seen, the Porters were "generosi" and "armigeri" in their own right. On June 7, 1632, William PORTER and others owed to John BIBIE of Irton, deceased. The latter owed to John PORTER and others (Irton Wills). This John was probably William’s brother or nephew.

1651, Feb. 12. William PORTER of Low Holme, Cumberland, "begs discharge from sequestration of Ewe Close, Miln Close, and Skirmingham Mill, co. Durham, of which he is rightly seised by deed dated 22 Aug. 1603. Petitioner and his father, who purchased it for his use, enjoyed it for 40 years, till the said lands were returned as sequestered for the delinquency and recusancy of Lancelot SALKELD.

1651. Feb. 20. The sequestration discharged, and arrears be paid to petitioner" (Calendar for Compounding).

1650. Dec. 3. Dorothy SALKELD, widow of Lancelot SALKELD of Skirmingham, co. Durham, begs for the 1/5 of her late husband’s estate, sequestered for his delinquency and recusancy, for the relief of herself and her seven fatherless children. Order granted accordingly.

1653. Jan. 17. She begs to contract, "on the late Recusants’ Act." At about the same dates, John IRTON of Irton, Wilfred IRTON of Threlkeld, Wm PENNINGTON of Muncaster, Sir Wm HUDDLESTON and Ferdinando HUDDLESTON of Millom and John SENHOUSE of Seascale, were "sequestered" or in some was punished as "delinquents" (Ibid.).

William PORTER, who is mentioned as "of Low Holme" in the visitation of 1665-6, appears to have lived to old age and to have been the William PORTER buried at Eskdale in 1683 and the father of Lancelot PORTER. No will at Somerset House.

  1. Lancelot PORTER of Low Holme, son of William Porter, is mentioned in the Muncaster Court Rolls as freeholder of Low Holme, parcel of the manor, from the 2nd October, 1678, to 24th January, 1695. He may have married Bridget, (she may, however, have been his youngest aunt.), buried at Eskdale 5th August, 1691; and he had a son Joseph who succeeded him. He died in 1694.
  2. The Muncaster Court Rolls contain lists of freeholders, who owed suit of court; customary tenants, from whom the jury was formed; and cottagers. At the court of 1678 when John SHERWEN (probably of Gosforth Gate) was steward, Lancelot PORTER, generosus, heads the list of freeholders, and so continues until 1695. In 1684, John COPELY of Gosforth Hall was steward. The PORTERS appear to have been the most important family in Eskdale after the STANLEYS, who by this period were not resident.

  3. Joseph PORTER, of Low Holme, gentleman, son of Lancelot, born about 1659. On February 20th, 1676, Joseph PORTER of Eskdale and others made the inventory of the good of Roger IRTON of Plumgarth, deceased. Mentioned in the Muncaster Court Rolls as freeholder from 24th January, 1695, to 18th April, 1719. Churchwarden of Eskdale 1690. Married Elizabeth who died 1730 and was buried October 30th at Eskdale. He was buried there April 28th, 1720, leaving issue:
    1. Barbary, baptized at Eskdale 1681, married 1733 at Eskdale to Edward HOLME.
    2. John, his successor.
    3. William, baptized at Eskdale 1690, October 19th.
  1. John PORTER, of Low Holme, son of Joseph and Elisabeth PORTER, baptized at Eskdale September 23rd 1746, "of Low Holme, gentleman." Bridget his widow was buried there in 1767. Churchwarden of Eskdale 1713, 1715. Freeholder of Muncaster in 1725.

Their children were:

    1. Joseph, their successor.
    2. Elizabeth, baptized at Eskdale 1717, August 11th; married at Eskdale 29th July, 1739, Henry HARTLEY.
    3. Ruth, baptized at Eskdale, 1720. March 19th; married at Eskdale 11th November, 1744, Henry DICKENSON.
  1. Joseph PORTER, of Low Holme, yeoman, son of John and Bridget PORTER, baptized at Eskdale, 14th September 1714; married at Irton, 7th May, 1749, Eleanor, daughter of John WALKER of Hall Santon in Irton, gentleman, and Mary his wife, daughter of Lancelot PORTER of Usthwaite and Margaret CATHERICKE his wife.

On February, 17th , 1773, Joseph made over to his son John the freehold messuage and land of Thwaites, excepting ten oak trees, the consideration being £100. The deed is signed by Joseph and witnessed by John VICKARS, Jonathan WALKER and Aaron MARSHALL, vicar of Eskdale. The seal bears a maunch (Low Holme MSS.). Ten years later, on 16th June, 1783, Joseph conveyed Low Holme and Red Brows to John, "excepting the little dwelling house and rooms belonging, at Low Holme, called New House, with land and manure to raise potatoes sufficient and to dig peats and draw water sufficient, with room to stow." The consideration was £300 and £8 yearly to Joseph for life, and £7 yearly to Eleanor his wife after his decease, in lieu of dower right. Signed by Joseph PORTER; Witnesses, Wm. HODGSON, Robert HARRISON, Aaron MARSHALL. Joseph then retired to Parkgate, Irton. He was buried at Eskdale 10t March, 1786, and Eleanor his wife 13th March, 1789. He helped to establish a school at Boot in 1770. His children were:

    1. John, his successor.
    2. Joseph, baptized at Eskdale 6th March, 1756, married Mary _____ and had issue:
    1. 1. Joseph, baptized at Irton 26th August, 1787.
    2. 2. John, baptized at Irton 31st January, 1790
    3. 3. Jonathan, baptized at Irton 14th October, 1792.

    4. 4. Mary, baptized at Irton 13th February, 1795.
    5. 5. Isaac baptized at Irton 23rd September, 1797, of whom below.
    6. 6. Anne, baptized at Irton 13th July, 1800, married 1827 at Drigg John DAWSON of Kirkby Ireleth.

    7. 7. William, baptized at Irton 27th July, 1803.
    8. 8. Richard, baptized at Irton 10th May, 1806.

Isaac PORTER, son of Joseph and Mary, of Hill, Drigg, married Elizabeth, and had issue, Martha, married Francis SCOTT of Brakenwall; Mary, Joseph, Ann, Elizabeth, Phoebe, Sarah and Hannah.

    1. Isaac, baptized at Eskdale 25th May, 1758, married at Nether Wasdale by licence 23rd June, 1782, Sarah RODGER, in the presence of Joseph RODGER and Joseph PORTER. They lived at 104 Crook End, Netherwasdale, where she died apparently childless, and was buried at Eskdale 2nd September, 1792.

Isaac married again at Eskdale 2nd March, 1801, Eleanor HEAVISIDE.

They lived at Peel Place, Eskdale, where she died, and was buried at Eskdale, 3rd September, 1804. Their children were:

    1. Dinah, baptized 1801, married 18th August, 1823, at Eskdale Joseph NICHOLSON.
    2. Agnes, baptized 14th January, 1803, found drowned May, 1826.
    3. Ellen, baptized 28th July, buried 28th October, 1804.

Isaac died at Skeitgarth, Irton, and was buried at Eskdale 30th July, 1843, aged 85.

4. Elizabeth, baptized at Eskdale 1761, married 1st April, 1779, at Irton, to John HERD.

  1. John PORTER, of Low Holme, yeoman, son of Joseph and Eleanor PORTER (No. XV.), baptized at Eskdale 8th August, 1751, married at Eskdale 14th June, 1772, Sarah daughter of John VICARS of Tawhouse, Eskdale, and Sarah his wife. To Sarah PORTER her father John VICARS left £100, by will dated 5th April, 1780.

John PORTER was buried at Eskdale 19th April, 1803.

Will dated 2nd June, 1802, proved at Lancaster 2nd July, 1803, leaving:

To my son William, Lowholm and Thwaites.

To my wife Sarah for life New House, new peat loft, back orchard and High garden, with land and manure for 1 bushel of potatoes yearly, and sufficient peats in Inground, and leading, and £12 yearly in lieu of dower. My wife to have charge of my children under 21 years with £4 yearly for each child under 21.

To my eldest son John £10.

To my son Joseph £50.

To my children Jonathan, Lancelot, Moses, George Vicars, Richard, Samuel, Elizabeth, Eleanor, and Margaret, £100 each at the age of 21; if any die the money is to be divided amongst the survivors of all my children except William. To William all my sheep at Low Holme.

Residue to my wife who is sole executrix.

Signed, John PORTER; Witnesses, Agnes MARSHALL, Aaron MARSHALL.

Mrs. Sarah PORTER died 27th July, 1825, aged 10, and was buried at Eskdale.

Their children were:

    1. Sarah, born January 2nd, baptized at Eskdale February 9th, 1773, died in infancy.
    2. John, ultimately of Low Holme (No. XVII.).
    3. Joseph of Park Cottage, Clifton, Bristol, baptized at Eskdale 25th October, 1775, matriculated at Magdalen Hall, Oxford, 16th January, 1795, aged 19, B.A. 1813, M.A. 1814, rector of St. John’s. Bristol, 1826-1833 (Alumni Oxon.). He married Anne, daughter of the Rev. Charles COXWELL, Ablington House, Gloucestershire (Burke’s Commoners, iii., p. 472), who settled on him and his issue £3,000. On February 23rd, 1833, being probably in failing health, he bought for £3,384, from his brother William and Margaret his wife the whole patrimonial estate of Low Holme, Thwaites and Smithy Green (Low Holme MSS.). He died at Bristol 2nd November, 1833, without issue, and was buried in the crypt of St. John’s on the Wall. By will dated 21st September, 1833, proved at Doctor’s Commons 27th December, 1833, he directs that after his wife’s death (Mrs. Anne PORTER was aunt of Henry Tracy COXWELL the aeronaut. The COXWELL family have been established in Gloucestershire for many centuries and resident at Ablington since the reign of Elizabeth. Over the doorway of the house is inscribed : "Pleade Thou My Cause O Lord. By Ihon COXWEL. Ano Domeny. 1590."), the £3,000 is to be paid in equal shares to his brothers Moses and George, and his sisters Elizabeth TYSON, Eleanor VICARS, and Margaret POWLEY. To wife, houses in Bristol, plate, &c., absolutely. To the Rector of St. John’s £100 for the poor. To Bristol Infirmary £100. To servant Mary HOOPER £19 10s. 0d. To Susan HOOPER one year’s wage. To six children of his brother Lancelot £100 each at the age of 21. To his brother John all sheep on Low Holme and Smithy Green. To his brother George the mother’s cottage at Low Holme for life. To his wife Anne and George Neale Barrow Low Holme and Smithy Green in trust for his brother John for life and after him to John’s son John and after him to John’s grandson Joseph. His wife and George executors.
    4. Elizabeth, baptized at Eskdale 24th May, 1777, married there 27th January, 1806, the Rev. Edward TYSON of Seathwaite in Dunnerdale.
    5. Jonathan, born 1779, died 5th November, 1804, aged 25 (Tombstone).
    6. Isaac, baptized at Eskdale 7th July, 1781, buried 20th March, 1784.
    7. William, of Low Holme, yeoman, of whom below (No. XXX.)
    8. Lancelot, baptized at Eskdale 9th April, 1786, died unmarried (Miss POWLEY).
    9. Moses, of Egremont, of whom below (No. XXXII.).
    10. George Vicars, of Hollowstones, Muncaster, farmer, baptized at Eskdale 18th June, 1789, died unmarried 13th July, 1858, buried at Eskdale.
    11. Richard, baptized at Eskdale 3rd September, 1791. Matriculated at Magdalen Hall, Oxford, 23rd April, 1812; B.A. 1821; curate to his brother Joseph at Bristol, where he was choirmaster, died aged 30, unmarried.
    12. Samuel, baptized at Eskdale, 26th May, 1794; died unmarried.
    13. Eleanor, baptized at Eskdale, 11th march, 1796; married there 25th January, 1819, William VICKERS of Muncaster.
    14. Margaret, baptized at Eskdale, 5th July, 1801; married there 4th April, 1820, the Rev. Robert POWLEY, Incumbent of Eskdale.
  1. John PORTER, of Low Holme, yeoman, eldest son of John and Sarah Porter (No XVI.), baptized at Eskdale 19th December, 1773, died 6th December, 1841 (Lowholme MSS.). He was disinherited by his father in favour of his brother William but during the last years of his life was tenant in tail of Low Holme under the entail put in force by his brother Joseph. Buried at Eskdale aged 68, December 8th, 1841. He married at Ulpha, 25th December, 1797, Sarah WILKINSON of that parish, born 1777, died February, 1848, aged, 70, buried at Eskdale. They lived for thirty years at Bridge House, Ulpha; after that at Kinmount, Corney, and after 1833 at Low Holme. The marriage service was performed by Edward TYSON, who later on became John’s brother-in-law, but the entire name of the bride is omitted in the Register. John is described as "of Broughton."

Their children were;

    1. John, of Low Holme
    2. Joseph, baptized at Ulpha, 24th May, 1801.
    3. William, of Eskdale Green (No. XXIII.).
    4. Mary, baptized at Ulpha, 11th April, 1805.
    5. Lancelot, of Longrigg Green (No. XXV.).
    6. Sarah, baptized at Ulpha, 7th November, 1814.
    7. Samuel, of Gatehouse (No. XXVII.).

XVIII John PORTER, of Low Holme, yeoman, life tenant under the entail, son of John and Sarah (No. XVII.), of Lowholme, born 1798, married a daughter of THACKERAY of Langdale, He died 27th April, 1866, aged 68, and was buried at Eskdale, leaving an only child, Joseph.

  1. Joseph PORTER, of Low Holme, yeoman, so of John and ______ PORTER (No. XVIII.), born in 1824, married at Eskdale in 1843, Dinah, daughter of Jonathan RODGER of Dalegarth Hall. She died 13th March, 1907, and was buried at Eskdale. Joseph succeeded in 1866, and at once began to mortgage Low Holme, which he did repeatedly, until on 29th October, 1880, he sold it with Thwaites and Smithy Green (208 acres) to Lord Muncaster, for £3,810. He died 2nd January, 1882, aged 58, and was buried a Eskdale, leaving a large family.
    1. John Wilkinson, his successor.
    2. Jane, baptized at Eskdale 12th July, 1845; buried there 3rd June, 1846.
    3. Agnes, baptized at Eskdale, 12th July, 1847; married there 27th July, 1870, John DAVIDSON ; died 18th April, 1899.
    4. Jonathan, baptized at Eskdale 14th Mary, 1849.
    5. Sarah, baptized at Eskdale 8th July, 1851; buried there 13th February, 1867.
    6. Dinah, baptized at Eskdale 29th January, 1854; married William THOMPSON of Kellbank, Gosforth, died 21st November, 1898.
    7. Ellen, baptized at Eskdale 25th May, 1856; married there 21st November, 1877, William ORDE. Married 15th December, 1886, at Eskdale, John J. HARRINGTON of Blaenau, Wales.
    8. Elizabeth, baptized at Eskdale 6th March, 1859; married there 16th September, 1880, George BROCKBANK, of Gosforth.
    9. Joseph, baptized at Eskdale 31st March, 1861; of whom below (No. XXII.).
  1. John Wilkinson PORTER, tenant of Low Holme, eldest son of Joseph and Dinah PORTER, baptized at Eskdale 11th November, 1843; married there 23rd November, 1867, Jane HODGSON of High House; died aged 28, and was buried at Eskdale 10th September, 1882. Mrs. PORTER died 26th September, 1899, and was buried at Eskdale, aged 57.

There children are:

    1. Sarah, baptized at Eskdale, 24th January, 1869; married William ROBINSON of Stanley House, Bassenthwaite.
    2. John, his successor (No. XXI.)
    3. Joseph, baptized 3rd October, 1875, at Eskdale; married there 6 June, 1900, Mary, daughter of Fimon NIXON of St. Bees. Lived at 5 Clarence Road, Barrow in Furness.
    4. William Curwen, born 11th March, 1979; baptized at Eskdale 6th April. Master of the Eskdale Foxhounds. Married January, 1912, at Bootle, Jane, daughter of Roger KNOWLES and has issue, John Wilkinson.
  1. John PORTER, of Kidbeck, Netherwasdale, eldest son of John WILKINSON and Jane PORTER, born at Low Holme 18th February, 1871; married 28th April, 1897, at Eskdale, Eliza daughter of Henry HARTLEY of Birkerthwaire, yeoman. Present head of the PORTER family.
  2. Joseph PORTER, of 9, Castle Terrace, Haverigg, Millom, youngest son of Joseph and Dinah Porter (No. XIX.); baptized 31st March, 1861, at Eskdale; married 20th September 1890, at Eskdale, Mary Ann, daughter of Myles WHINFIELD, of Longrigg Green, Eskdale, and had issue:
    1. Joseph Pennington, born 27th July, 1891; baptized at Eskdale.
    2. Cyril, born 20th August, 1893; baptized at Eskdale. Baker at Holmrook.
    3. Myles Addison, born 22nd April, 1898.
    4. Elizabeth, born 4th November, 1899.
    5. Dinah, born 3rd June, 1904.


  1. William PORTER, third son of John and Sarah of Lowholme (No. XVII.), born at Ulpha, baptized February, 22nd, 1803; a shoemaker, probably the Wm. Porter shoemaker of Market Street, Ulverston, in1829; married Margaret ORMANDY of Ulverston; settled at Eskdale Green after 1833; died suddenly at the King of Prussia Inn, Eskdale, 10th March, 1852, aged 49; buried at Eskdale.

His children were:

    1. William, born 1825, died at Kinmount, Corney, aged 10, buried at Eskdale 31st July, 1835.
    2. Joseph, of whom below.
    3. Sarah, married Thomas BAINES; went to America.
    4. Samuel, a joiner at Hawkshead.
    5. Peter, born 1830, died at Longrigg Green aged 16, buried at Eskdale 21st April, 1846.
    6. George, baptized at Eskdale 28th August, 1836, a soldier, died at Bootle 4th January, 1870, buried at Eskdale.
    7. Mary, baptized at Eskdale, 8th February, 1838.
    8. William, baptized at Eskdale, 29th December, 1840, a shoemaker, went to Canada.
    9. Margaret, baptized at Eskdale 8th April, 1843, married STEPHENSON.
    10. Lancelot, baptized at Eskdale, 29th March, 1844, went to America.
  1. Joseph PORTER, of Eskdale Green, shoemaker, son of William and Margaret, born ___; married Sarah, daughter of Jonathan RODGER of Dalegarth Hall. He died at Millom, aged 71.

His children were:

    1. William, baptized at Eskdale, 8th February, 1852; buried there 20th February, 1853.
    2. Jonathan, baptized at Eskdale, 28th February, 1853; married Annie SWAINSON of Askham and had a son Joseph.
    3. John, baptized at Eskdale, 12th September, 1855; married Elizabeth _____; had two daughters.
    4. Jane, baptized at Eskdale, 27th September, 1857; married there 11th September, 1880, William Newton SWAINSON.
    5. Samuel, baptized at Eskdale, 23rd October, 1859, shoemaker, married 1889 at Eskdale Agnes, daughter of William YOUDEL of Hollowmire. She died at Walls, Muncaster, 17th February, 1903, aged 35.

Samuel died in 1910, leaving issue:

    1. William, baptized at Eskdale, 23rd August 1891.
    2. Joseph, baptized at Eskdale, 12th June, 1892.
    3. Jonathan, born and died 1899.
    4. Henry, baptized 2nd August, 1896, at Eskdale.
    5. John, born and died 1899.
    1. Day, a shoemaker, baptized at Eskdale, 29th September, 1861; emigrated.
    2. Margaret, whom her father wished to name Night, baptized at Eskdale; married Chick; went to America.
    3. Dinah, baptized at Eskdale, 26th November, 1865.
    4. Joseph, baptized at Eskdale, 21st March, 1869.


  1. Lancelot PORTER, fourth son of John and Sarah PORTER of Lowholme (No. XVII.), born 9th April, 1808, at Bridge House, Ulpha, a shoemaker, who ran away to Gretna with Jane BAYMAN of Myre Ground, Corney, daughter of Sergeant BAYMAN, a combatant at Waterloo. She was born 10th May, 1815, a month before the battle, and died 3rd May, 1883, at Longrigg Green, Eskdale; buried at Eskdale. Lancelot died at Lowholme, 3rd May, 1865, buried at Eskdale, having had issue:
    1. Peter.
    2. Sarah, born 25th December, 1840, married at Eskdale, 15th June, 1861, William KNOWLES of Longrigg Green who died 23rd September, 1893. Sarah died of consumption, 3rd February, 1867, leaving issue Jane, who married David GRIFFITH.
  1. Peter PORTER, only son of Lancelot and Jane PORTER, born 27th November, 1835, married Mary Ann MORLEY. He died at Low Holme before his father, 23rd June, 1860, buried at Eskdale, having had issue:
    1. Elizabeth, married HARRISON of the Pencil Works, Keswick.
    2. Margaret, married Harry GREENIP, of Threlkeld.


  1. Samuel PORTER, son of John and Sarah PORTER of Low Holme (No. XVII.), baptized at Ulpha, 28th April, 1817; married at Eskdale, 23rd May, 1840, Jane WILSON of Gatehouse, Eskdale, daughter of Isaac and Peggy WILSON. She died December, 1866 buried at Eskdale. He was buried at Eskdale 8th May, 1889, aged 72. Issue:
    1. John of whom below.
    2. Wilson, unm., born at Gatehouse, baptized at Eskdale, 24th December, 1842.
    3. Joseph of Snowder, born at Gatehouse, baptized at Eskdale 9th November, 1844; married Jane, daughter of _____JOHNSON and Esther his wife, who was daughter of Lancelot PORTER of Usthwaite. Joseph died S.P. 20th May, 1900; Jane died February, 1913.
    4. Margaret, born at Gatehouse, baptized at Eskdale 24th October, 1846; married at Eskdale 26th December, 2868, Harry SHARP of Hollinhow.
    5. Samuel, born at Gatehouse, baptized at Eskdale, 18th August, 1849; married Kate NICHOLSON of Hawkshead and died at Liverpool, 1910. She died 1902 leaving John Henry, baptized at Eskdale 16th July, 1876.
    6. Sarah, born January, 1852, at Gatehouse, died 1888; married at Eskdale 13th February, 1875, Robert FOSSEY of Sussex.
  1. John Porter, of Eskdale P.O., son of Samuel and Jane PORTER, born at Eskdale Green 19th November, 1840, shoemaker; married at Eskdale, 30th September, 1865, Eleanor daughter of James DAWSON of Bridge End, Ulpha, the eldest of 12; and had issue:
    1. Ellie, 6th April, 1866, died unmarried December, 1892.
    2. James Dawson.
  1. James Dawson PORTER, son of John and Eleanor, born 29th November, 1867, baptized at Eskdale; married at Eskdale, September, 8th , 1897. Annie Catherine WALTERS of Lincoln, and had issue:
    1. Ellie, baptized at Eskdale 11th September, 1899,.
    2. Hannah Jean, baptized at Eskdale, 10th August, 1901. Ran the Post Office at Eskdale.
    3. John, baptized at Eskdale, 11th January, 1902.
    4. Margaret Kathleen, baptized at Eskdale, 3rd July, 1904.
    5. James Weston, baptized at Eskdale, 21st March, 1909.
    6. Lancelot Salkeld, 1911.


  1. William Porter of Low Holme, yeoman, sixth son of John and Sarah of Low Holme (No. XVI.), baptized at Eskdale 1st March, 1783; inherited Low Holme under his father’s will at the expense of his three surviving brothers: of whom John was disinherited, Joseph was provided for, and Jonathan was probably in feeble health (died 1804). About 1807 he married Margaret BENN of Black How, Cleator, born 1784. On 17th July, 1813, he bought Smithy Green from Isaac NICHOLSON of Randle How, yeoman (Low Holme MSS.), but on 23rd February, 1833, he sold Low Holme, Thwaites, and Smithy Green to his brother Joseph. He died at Kirkstile, Drigg, 2nd February, 1852. Margaret died 14 March, 1881, aged 97 (tombstone at Drigg).
    1. Sarah, baptized at Eskdale 17 February, 1808, married R. W. ASHBURNER of Low Hall, Kirkby in Furness.
    2. Phebe, baptized at Eskdale 19 March, 1813; married Samuel HARTLEY of New Hall, Millom.
    3. John, of whom below. (No. XXXI.)
    4. Elizabeth, baptized at Eskdale 19 March, 1813; married Wm. BIRKETT of Holmrook.
    5. Joseph, baptized at Eskdale 16 April, 1815; died S.P. 4 September, 1855 (Tombstone at Drigg).
    6. Abel, baptized at Eskdale 11 August, 1818; died 1 January, 1822. (Tombstone at Drigg).
  1. John PORTER of Holmrook, son of Wm. and Margaret, land steward of Carleton Hall, baptized at Eskdale 20 May, 1811, educated at Bristol; died 12 April, 1903. Married (1) at Irton, 10 February, 1841, Ann, daughter of James WALTON of London Head, land steward of the manor of Irton and _______ TYSON his wife, of Foulsyke, Wasdale. By her he had two daughters. She died 28 February, 1859, and was buried at Irton. John married (2) Elizabeth THOMPSON of Mitehouse at Drigg, 1863. Issue of John and Ann Porter:
    1. Elizabeth, born 1843, died aged 19, 8 August 1862.
    2. Margaret, baptized at Drigg 1849; married Ralph BENNETT, solicitor, of Whelpside, near Whitehaven.


  1. Moses PORTER, eighth son of Joseph and Sarah PORTER of Low Holme (No. XVI.), baptized at Eskdale 19 May, 1787, brought up a shoemaker, lived in Egremont where he became owner of the Tarn Bank Tan Yard. He befriended an old lady named Dinah TOWERSON, who left him at her death some three or four fields, which he offered to his brother George for £500. George declined them, and "never rued but once," for these fields carried their own royalty and contained the famous Parkside iron mine, which ultimately made Moses a wealthy man. He married Jane WALLACE, born 1796, died May 5, 1873, aged 77. Moses died 27 May, 1864. His children were:
    1. William, of whom below (XXXIII.)
    2. John.
    3. Benjamin.
    4. Joseph, born 13 March, 1828, died 20 July, 1893, unmarried.
    5. Sarah, born 1823, died 21 November, 1892; married Dr LAWSON of Egremont.
    6. Samuel.
    7. Isaac (No. XXXV.).

Xxxiii William PORTER, eldest son of Moses and Jane, married Sarah ATKINSON, who was born 23 November, 1824, and died 22 November 1872. William died 7 January, 1876, leaving issue:

    1. Jane Eleanor, born January 1856, married Richard TYSON.
    2. Sarah Ann, born 11 November, 1858, died 6 October, 1906, married W. BAIRD.
    3. Dinah Towerson, born 25 November, 1860, married 4 July 1883, J. D. KENWORTHY of St. Bees.

Xxxiv Moses PORTER, son of William and Sarah, born 19 November, 1863, died 9 April, 1891; married in 1886 Nellie FLETCHER and left issue:

    1. Nellie, born 25 January, 1887.
    2. William, born 22 May, 1889.
  1. Isaac, youngest son of Moses and Jane, born 1833, died 9 July 1884; married (1) Hannah CHESTER and had issue John Chester. Hannah died 24 March, 1874, aged 40, and Isaac married (2) Mary Jane, who died 18 January, 1884.

John Chester PORTER, son of Isaac and Hannah, born 1855, died 2nd August, 1895; married Clara LEVICK, and had issue:

      1. Percy.
      2. Ernest.


HUTCHINSON, writing in 1794, states that "Mr. Thomas PORTER of the close, Bolton, and Mr. William PORTER of Woodside, Westward, are immediate descendants of the Weary Hall family." Lysons in 1816 says that Thomas bears the same arms and that they have been settled at the Close for two centuries. The arms bear a mullet, the cadency mark of the third branch.

George of Weary hall had six brothers, of whom five were living at the time of his death in 1649. Anthony, the third son, was living in 1613, but nothing further is known of him. George left three children, of whom his brother Joseph and Richard SKELTON were the guardians. In 1651 SKELTON applies for discharge of the sequestered estate of the infant heir. In 1652 report is made that "the two uncles" John and Joseph are recusants, and an order follows that two-thirds of the estates of John and Joseph are to be seized. Now there were five uncles all recusant, but the Committee seem only to know of two. William and Lancelot had estates in Eskdale and Irton, a considerable distance away, both of which were at some date sequestered, but Nicholas, the youngest, does not seem to have been possessed of one. Joseph may have been "of Bridekirk," but he was known to the Committee through his guardianship. John, one infers, was seized because he had an estate close by in the parish, and everyone knew where and what he was. John must have been born in or about 1605 at latest, which allows for the two centuries mentioned by Lysons. The prevailing name in the Close and Clogher branches is John. Consequently I think that the pedigree of this branch may be state as following.

  1. John PORTER, fourth son of Joseph and Ann of Weary Hall (no. VII.), born circa 1605, and living in 1652, a recusant, was father of:
    1. Lancelot, "son of John," baptized at Bolton 5 September, 1635.
    2. Thomas.

I think he was the "John PORTER, of Thornthwaite Close," buried at Bolton, 7 April, 1677.

Xxxviii Thomas PORTER, of Close born 1642, (Canon Porter’s MSS., but not in Bolton Register, which is defective. Some of the family appear to have been Quakers. A harmless letter from John DIXON of Walter End, Lowswater, yeoman, to Hugh TICKELL, of Portingscale, yeoman, being found on the highway near Cockermouth was carried to John LAMPLUGH, and Richard TOLSON, who bound the two over to appear at the Assizes, 29th January, 1661. The letter states that the next month’s meeting is to be held at Quarrel Hill (Quarry Hill) at Thomas PORTER’s (Calendar of State Papers, 1661-2, p. 263). Thomas PORTER was imprisoned in 1664 as a Quaker for not paying tithes (R. S. FERGUSON, Early Cumb. and Wed. Friends, p. 171), buried at Bolton 18 January, 1678, aged 36, was father of:

    1. A child buried at Bolton, 26 January, 1667.
    2. John, his heir.
    3. Thomas, baptized at Bolton, 16 February, 1670.

Xxxviii John PORTER, of Close, son of Thomas, baptized 8 September, 1667, Bolton. Churchwarden of Bolton, 1731 buried there 16 April, 1747, married there Margaret, daughter of John CLARK of Quarry Hill, Bolton, who was buried there 23 March, 1765. Issue:

    1. John, his heir (No. XXXIX.).
    2. Mary, baptized 1 April, 1707, at Bolton, married there May 1725, Jacob FOSTER of Kilhow, and had a son John born 1727, died 1817, of Close, who married Margaret and had a son John.
    3. Susanna, born 1712, died 1713.
    4. Thomas, of whom below (No. XLI.).

Xxxix John PORTER, of Close, eldest son of John and Margaret, born 4 December, 1699, buried at bolton, 11 July, 1750, married Hannah _____, who appears to have been buried at Botlon 26 May 1746. Issue:

    1. Joseph, born 1730, died 1731.
    2. Margaret, baptized at Bolton 27 July, 1735.
    3. Thomas, of whom below (XL.).
    4. John, baptized at bolton, 5 August, 1741.
  1. Thomas PORTER, of Close, eldest surviving son of John and Hannah, baptized at Bolton 26 August, 1737. Churchwarden 1761, died at Wigton, 14 February, 1818; married Jane, who died at Wigton and was buried at Bolton 28 May, 1802. They had a daughter, Mary baptized at Bolton, 31 August, 1771. The Close passed to FOSTER of Killhow.
  2. Thomas PORTER, younger son of John and Margaret (XXXVIII.) of Close, baptized at Bolton, 24 February, 1717, married Cicely HUNT, one of the three co-heiresses of Much Hook near Preston, who died in 1786. Their children were:
    1. John, eldest son.
    2. Harry, died young.
    3. Janet, born 1755, married Thomas BLAND, vicar of Rudham, Norfolk.
    4. Harry, born 1757, died 1822, Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge.
  1. John PORTER, eldest son of Thomas and Cicely, born 1750, B.A. Trinity College, Cambridge 1773 (5th Wrangler); M.A. 1776 and Fellow of the College; D.D. 1792; Chaplain to Archbishop of Canterbury and Regius Professor of Hebrew, Cambridge, 1790; Bishop of Killala and Achonry 1795; translated to Clogher 1798; died 1819, buried in Clogher Cathedral. He married in 1784 Mary SMITH of Cottishall, Norfolk, born 1760, died 1825. Issue:
    1. John Grey, son and heir.
    2. Margaret, married Hugh HARRIS.
    3. Eliza, married John CARMICHAEL.
    4. Thomas, died 1864.
    5. Charles, of whom below (No. XLV.).
    6. Fanny, born 1798.
    7. Henry, born 1800, died 1871.
    8. William, of whom below (No. XLVI.).

XLIII John Grey PORTER, eldest son of the Bishop of Belleisle, Fermanagh, Rector of Kilskeery, co. Tyrone, died 1879, married Margaret Lavinia (died 1883), eldest daughter of Thomas LINDSEY of Hollymount House, co. Mayo; and had issue:

    1. John Grey Vesey, his heir.
    2. Elizabeth Phoebe, married 1851 John William Ellison MACARTNEY of Clogher Park, Tyrone, J.P., D.L., Tyrone, High Sheriff co. Armagh 1870, M.P. co. Tyrone 1874-85.
    3. Emily, twin of Elizabeth, born 1826.
    4. Adelaide Mary, married 1852, Nicholas Montgomery ARCHDALE of Crock-na-crieve, co. Fermanagh, J.P., who dies 1877, leaving issue:
    1. Edward Mervyn ARCHDALE of Crock-na-crieve.
    2. John of Jameston, co. Fermanagh, and Clonbalt, co. Longford, born 1855, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff co. Longford 1879, co. Fermanagh 1883, assumed the name of PORTER under the will of John Grey PORTER in 1876; married 1884 Josephine, elder daughter of Lt.-Col. Jesse LLOYD of Ballyleck, and has issue: John Grey Porter, born 1886.
    3. Fanny, unmarried, born 1830.
  1. John Grey Vesey PORTER of Belleisle, co. Fermanagh, only son of Rev. J. G. PORTER, born 1818, married 1863, Elizabeth Jane, elder daughter of Richard HALL of Inismore Hall, co. Fermanagh. High Sheriff co. Fermanagh, 1844.
  2. Charles PORTER, third son of Bishop PORTER, born 4 December, 1796, B.A., 3rd Wrangler 1819, M.A. 1822, Fellow and Tutor Caius College, Cambridge, vicar of St. Martin’s, Stamford 1833-42, Rector of Aghnamullen, Ireland, 1842-50, Vicar of Ganton, Yorkshire, 1850-55, of Rounds, Northhants, 1855-77. He married Penelope Vaughan FLEETWOOD, a descendant of General FLEETWOOD of the time of the Commonwealth, and died 16 June, 1877, buried at Raunds. Issue:
    1. Clementina Margaret, born 29 September, 1828, married the Rev. A. BOODLE.
    2. Penelope Hannah, born 13 September, 1829, died 1852, buried at Ganton.
    3. Charles Fleetwood, born 12 September, 1830, of Staverrton Grange, Oxford, B.A.. Caius College, 1853, M.A. 1856, Vicar at St. Anne, Dropmore, 1867-81, of Banbury 1881-1905, Hon. Canon of Christchurch, Oxford. He married in 1862, Emily OTTLEY.
    4. Henry Richard, Capt. R.A., born 16 October, 1831; in China War, 1858-60, present at capture of Namtow, Shektsing and Taku forts, and occupation of Pekin; mentioned in despatches 15 October, 1858; promoted Captain 17 November, 1857, medal with two clasps; half-pay 1870, retired list 1881. Married Jennie MALLORY of Warwickshire. Died S.P. 13 December, 1908.
    5. Mary, born 18 January, 1833, died 23 April, 1847.
    6. Elizabeth Ann, born 12 February, 1834, married 1870, the Rev. Douglas McKENZIE, 33rd Wrangler 1864, Vice-Principal of Peterborough Training College 1869-71, Vice-Principal of St. Andrew’s College, Grahamstown, 1872.
    7. Barbara, born and died 1835.
    8. William Carmichael, born 28 November, 1836, Curate of Raunds, 1870, Canon of Zanzibar, stationed at Masasi, Universities Mission to Central Africa. Died S.P. 1909.
    9. Thomas, born 1839, died 1842.
    10. Lavinia, born 1841, died 1843.

XLVI William PORTER, of Hembury Fort, Honiton, Devon, youngest son of the Bishop, born 1802, Captain 6th Dragoon Guards, J.P., D.L. Devon; married 1830, Elizabeth Gibbs, daughter of Abraham LUDLOW, of Heywood House, Wiltshire; died leaving issue:

    1. William Henry, born 1 May, 1832, died 3 January, 1911.
    2. Edward Endymion (No. XLVII.).
    3. Eliza, married 1862, William de QUETTEVILLE.
    4. Julia, married Francis PAYNTER.
    5. Agnes, born 1841, married 1874, Rev. FAUSETT.
    6. Florence, married the Hon. and Rev. Graham COLBORNE of Dittisham Rectory, Totnes.
    7. Theodora.
    8. Mary, married the Rev. Malcolm ARCHIBALD.

XLVII Edward Endymion PORTER, second son of William and Elizabeth of East Hill, Somerset, born 1843; M.A., J.P. Somerset; married 1871, Alice, only daughter of Spencer GREAVES of Mayfield, Derbyshire, and had issue:

    1. William Endymion Huyshe, born 1874.
    2. Florence.
    3. Henry.
    4. Charles.
    5. Alice.

Arms – as of Weary Hall, a mullet for difference. Crest, a portcullis.


Usthwaite, now written as Easthwaite, but always pronounced as written in 1673, Usthet, is a farm in the north-east corner of the parish of Irton, squeezed in between the Irt and Screes; over which mountain there is a fell track leading directly to Low Holme, which lies due south 1 ¾ miles away. At Usthwaite are two house close together, there were formerly two estates, one belonging to Richard WALKER, but subsequently acquired by the PORTERS. In one of them is a carved oak press, bearing LP. MCC: III. A third house, the long deserted Mossthwaite, formerly called Lanty Mossthwaite, stands to the west.

Xlviii Lancelot PORTER, of Usthwaite, gentleman, sixth son of Joseph and Ann Porter (No. VII.) of Weary Hall, born c. 1610 (Will of Anne Porter), settled at Usthwaite early in the 17th century. Being a recusant his estate was sequestered, and in 1654 he was of Dean, Cumberland. On January 13 of that year, "he begs to contract on the late recusants Act" and is referred to reading. On September 5, Richard URIJELL (Uriell of Cockermouth, living with male issue 1665 (Dugdale), petitions: "That in 1651 he leased for six years from the Cumberland Commissioners lands in Ewstwick, sequestered from Lancelot PORTER, at £17, of which two-thirds was to be paid to the state, and one third to PORTER. He then let part of the lands to PORTER at £6 rent, secured by bond. In 1652 PORTER got a discharge from that part of the County commissioners, yet they still demand the whole rent from him, and have forced payment for two years and a half. He begs for the lands or an allowance on the rent, and an order to distrain on PORTER’s goods for his arrears.

The answer was: The Commissioners are to require the whole rent, and Petitioner is to take his remedy at law against PORTER" (Calendar of Committee for Compounding, 1643-50; p. 3184).

The above interesting instance of the tyranny of a single Chamber was put an end to by the Restoration of Charles II in 1660, and on April 28, 1661, Lancelot paid for Usthwaite £1 for lands and 8s. subsidy (Lay Subsidy Rolls), being no doubt in residence there. He died in 1673, will proved 12 September, but missing at Somerset House. He married Margaret CATHERICKE who seems to have come from the neighbourhood of Richmond, Yorkshire, where Forcett, Layton, and Aldborourgh are, to the poor of which places she left a leqacy. Immediately after her husband’s death she settled lands at Buggassse in Santon on herself for life, and after her on Nicholas PORTER of Flimby, gentleman, possibly her husband’s brother, Buggasse being at the time in the holding of Margaret PORTER, George WALKER of Usthwaite, and Jane his wife. Turstees, Thomas SKELTON of Branthwaite, and Robert COPELAND of Muncaster (Blackhow MSS.). She made her will 25 May, 1676, being then "sicke in body," leaving:

Her body to be buried at the discretion of her Executors.

To my servant Wm NICHOLSON in recompense of his long and faithful service. £4.

To Mary DALTON. £4.

To Margaret MAXWELL, £4. All these to be paid as soon as the money can be raised by sale of my wool.

To my nephew Mr. Henry SKELTON of Branthwaite, my strand sheepe with their encrease.

To my brother, Mr. John CATHERICKE £15 if he be living at my death.

To my brother (in law) Mr. Nicholas PORTER, 30 sheepe of my holegill sheepe.

The rest of my sheepe at Holegill to Mr. Henry SKELTON of Branthwaite.

To my nephew Mr. Christopher GIRLINGTON, £5, if it can be raised out of my wooll.

To George PORTER of Lowttholme, 40/- when the wooll can be sould.

To the poor people of Forcat and Layton and Ouldbrough, £4 when the wooll is sold.

The residue to Thomas SKELTON of Branthwaite hall Esq., her executor.

Witness, Wm CHROSTWAIT, Wm NICHOLSON, Margaret MAYFIELD, Robert DIXON, no probate or inventory (Irton Wills).

The strand sheep would be those in the low land near the lake, the others those on the fell near Hallgill. A fine old lady who forgot nobody.

Lancelot’s children were:

Lancelot, his heir.

Philip, afterwards of Blackhow (No. LX.).

Mary. John WALKER of Santon, yeoman, in 1708, settled £40 on "Mary, sister of Lancelot PORTER" (Blackhow MSS.), and married her at St. Bees on June 3rd on the same year (Irton Reg.). John WALKER "of Santon, gentleman," was buried at Irton, 14 July, 1718.

Thomas, "of Usthwaite, gentleman," in 1690, when Nicholas PORTER was indebted to him (Blackhow MSS.) appears to have been another son, perhaps older than Philip and Mar. In 1698 he was supervisor of the estate of George WALKER of Usthwaite (Irton Wills) and either he or Nicholas was probably the husband of Agnes PORTER, living a widow in Gosforth in 1722 (Irton Wills).

XLIX Lancelot PORTER, eldest son of Lancelot and Margaret, succeeded his father in 1673, paying at Michaelmas that year, and on the next Lady Day, Hearth Tax for three hearths in Irton. (Lay Subsidy Rolls. The only other person in the parish paying for 3 hearts was John IRTON, who paid for six.). In 1700, Peter WALKER of Usthwaite, yeoman, authorized his attorneys in the Court of Common Pleas in Easter term to confess a judgment against him for thirty pounds debt and costs, at the suit of Lancelot PORTER. Signed by Peter WALKER, John JACKSON and Joseph SENHOUSE [of Hall Bolton] (Blackhow MSS.). In 1718, May 31, he witnessed the will of his brother in law, John WALKER of Hall Santon, gentleman, and afterwards made his inventory (Irton Wills); and on 15 January, 1717, he made the inventory of Mary THOMPSON OF Hewrigg, widow (Irton Wills), who was aunt to his sister in law Mary PORTER. He was Churchwarden of Irton in 1704.

He married soon after 1700, Margaret, probably a JACKSON, who was buried at Nether Wasdale 20 April, 1715. This entry like several others relating to the family is recorded in the Registers of both Irton and Nether Wasdale, the family practice being to baptize in their parish church of Irton, but to bury in the much nearer churchyard of Nether Wasdale. By Margaret, Lancelot had five children. He married a second time at Irton, 8 June, 1718, Ann Sharpe, spinster, by License from Mr. Jon STEELE. Rector of Waberthwaite. By her he had four children. She was living when he died in 1722. This is the Lancelot of the oak press at Usthwaite.

Lancelot’s children by his first wife were:

    1. Elizabeth, baptized at Irton, 4 February, 1704, living 1722.
    2. Lancelot, his heir (No. L).
    3. John, buried at Nether Wasdale, 12 May, 1711.
    4. John, who succeeded his brother Lancelot (No. LI.).
    5. Nicholas, baptized at Irton, 7 January, 1712, ten years old at time of his father’s death, left 1/-, appears to have been adopted by his uncle Philip at foulsyke, where he married, at Nether Wasdale, 29 April, 1737, Ann KITCHIN. He was buried at Nether Wasdale 11 April, 1741, leaving issue:

Margaret, baptized at Wasdale, 15 January, 1738, married Henry TYSON of Foulsyke, and died 1828, aged 90.

By his second wife, Ann, Lancelot had issue:

    1. Margaret, baptized at Irton 12 October, 1718, buried at Nether Wasdale 7 November same year.
    2. Elinor, baptized 8 November, 1719, at Irton.
    3. Isabella, baptized 16 December, 1721, at Irton.
    4. An unnamed child buried at Wasdale. 1722.


Will dated 26 April, proven 23 October, 1722. To be buried in churchyard at Nether Wasdale.

To my d. Elizabeth PORTER 140 sheep belonging to ffoulesyke tenement, and now in the possession of Philip PORTER. To her also the money due to me out of Condy-garthlands from Anthony GUNSON.

To my S. Lancelot PORTER 80 sheep lying in a place called ffoulgill.

To my S. Nicholas PORTER 1/-.

The Residue to my W. Annas, my d. Elizabeth PORTER, my d. Elin PORTER, and my d. Isabell PORTER. They Executors.

Supervisor my bro. Philip PORTER.

Witnesses: Philip PORTER, Easter SATTERWHAITE, and Anthony GUNSON.

Obligation 23 Oct. 1722 to John JACKSON of Langdale, Westmd., farmer, and Philip PORTER of Nether Wasdale. John JACKSON to educate and bring up Lancelot and Elizabeth, children of Lancelot PORTER (late of Seascale in Gosforth) and to execute Will. Agnes PORTER of Gosforth, widow, and Thomas SHARP of the same, to execute Will. Agnes PORTER to bring up Elianor and Isabell, children of Lancelot PORTER deceased.

Inventory 15 May, 1722, made by Philip PORTER, John and William JACKSON, and Thomas SHARPE. Total £115 11s. 4d.

  1. Lancelot PORTER, of Usthwaite, yeoman, son of Lancelot and Margaret PORTER, baptized at Irton, 18 May, 1708, 14 years old at the time of his father’s death; buried at Nether Wasdale 25th January, 1789, aged 81. He married at Gosforth, 2 November 1731, Jane DIXON of Hunter Place, Gosforth, who was buried at Nether Wasdale, 28 September, 1755.

Their children were:

    1. Margaret, baptized 18 September, 1732, at Irton.
    2. Mary, baptized 23 November, 1734, at Irton; buried at Nether Wasdale 1 July, 1741.
    3. Matthias, baptized 24 February, 1736, at Irton; buried at Nether Wasdale 25 April, 1767.
    4. Bridget, baptized 1 January, 1739, at Irton, married there 5 December, 1771, Daniel HUDDLESTON of Gosforth, Cooper.
    5. Lancelot, baptized 9 October, 1742, at Irton; buried at Nether Wasdale 3 August, 1745.
    6. Jane, of Gosforth, spinster April 27, 1773, when she married there Samuel ROGERS of Irton in presence of Lancelot PORTER.

By the death of Matthias the male line failed. About four years later Lancelot’s younger brother John married.

  1. John PORTER, of Usthwaite, yeoman, (Irton Reg.) second surviving son of Lancelot and Margaret PORTER (No. XLIX.), born almost on the day of the burial of his elder brother John and named after him, at Irton, 16 May, 1711; not mentioned in his father’s will.

After the death of his nephew Matthias, last surviving son of his brother Lancelot, John married, about 1771, Hannah, who was 27, he being 60. He was buried at Nether Wasdale 21 October, 1785, aged 74, while his brother Lancelot was living; so that, unless the property was divided, he was never really "of Usthwaite, yeoman," Hannah lived to be 86, dying 8 July, 1830, buried at Nether Wasdale. His children were:

    1. Jane, baptized 4 February, 1772, at Irton; married there 4 October, 1795, to Jonathan SANDWITH.
    2. Lancelot, his heir.
    3. John, of Buckbarrow (No. LVI.).
    4. Joseph, baptized 1 January, 1780, at Irton.
    5. William, baptized at Irton, 6 May, 1782, of Amethyst Green, Drigg; Master of H.M.S. Amethyst, which he is said to have brought home under difficulties, his superior officers being dead or disabled. Built Amethyst Green. Married Jane, who died 8 February, 1880, aged 81. He died 14 July, 1849, aged 67. Tablet in Drigg Church. His children were:
    1. Jane, baptized at Drigg, 1838, died 8 June, 1841.
    2. William, baptized at Drigg, 1843, a draper in Whitehaven; married at Gosforth 14 April 1866, Barbara Ann, daughter of John COOK of Gosforth, yeoman, and had four sons.
    1. Isaac, baptized 29 May, 1785, at Irton; died 15 September, 1812, buried at Nether Wasdale.
  1. Lancelot PORTER, of Usthwaite, yeoman, eldest son of John and Hannah PORTER, baptized 21 August, 1774, at Irton, succeeded his uncle in 1789. He married 2 December, 1798, at Nether Wasdale, Esther, the younger of the two surviving children of Thomas and Esther SHARP of Harrowhead, a girl of 18 whose mother was dead. Her elder sister Dinah married 27 August, 1796, at St. Nicholas’, Whitehaven, Isaac FLETCHER of Wasdale Head, and inherited Harrowhead and Spoon Head under her father’s will. Lancelot died 28 June, 1841, aged 66; Esther 17 September, 1849, aged 69 (Tombstone); buried at Wasdale.

Their children were:

    1. Jane, baptized at Nether Wasdale 23 September, 1799, died 17 March, 1802 (Tombstone); buried at Wasdale.
    2. Hannah, baptized at Wasdale 20 March, 1802? (register says "buried"), died 7 January, 1816, aged 14 (Tombstone); buried at Wasdale.
    3. John, their heir (No. LIII.).
    4. Dinah, baptized at Irton 4 August, 1807, buried there 2 February, 1816, aged 8.
    5. Esther, baptized at Irton 25 November, 1809, married ________ JOHNSON, and had issue Jane, who married Joseph PORTER of the Lowholme family.
    6. Anne, baptized at Irton 14 June, 1812.
    7. Lancelot, born 1816, died at sea on his passage to Bahia, 26 January, 1849, aged 23.
    8. Sarah, baptized at Irton, 12 January, 1817.
    9. Margaret, baptized at Irton, 1 May, 1819, died 16 January, 1844, aged 24, buried at Wasdale.
    10. Sharp Porter, of whom below (No. LIV.).
  1. John PORTER, of Usthwaite, yeoman, eldest son of Lancelot and Esther, baptized at Irton, 14 June, 1805, died unmarried at Usthwaite 30 May, 1891, buried at Wasdale. He sold Usthwaite about 1870 to Mr. John MUSGRAVE of Wasdale Hall, but lived on there as tenant.
  2. Sharp Porter PORTER, of Usthwaite, youngest son of Lancelot and Esther (No. LII.).; baptized at Irton 10 February, 1823, lived at Usthwaite until his brother’s death. Married 15 June, 1850, at Gosforth, Sarah, daughter of John HEARTLEY of Snowder, who died 5 January, 1895. Sharp died at Hunter Place, Gosforth, 24 December, 1897, aged 74. Both buried at Wasdale.

His children were:

    1. Lancelot (No. LV.).
    2. Sarah, baptized at Nether Wasdale 1852, married there in 1880 Casson STEPHENSON of Crosbythwaite, Ulpha.
    3. John, baptized at Nether Wasdale 1854; of Hinning House, Bootle; married at Irton about 1882 Margaret, daughter of James and Elizabeth MASSICKS of Santon, and has issue:
    4. Sarah Elizabeth.

    5. Esther, baptized at Nether Wasdale 1854, married at Wasdale February, 1887, William ROTHERY of Lansdowne House, Scarborough.
    6. William, baptized at Nether Wasdale 1856; of 65, Kelso Road, Fairfield, Liverpool; married at St. Peter’s, Everton, Liverpool, Annie, daughter of Donald HURROW, and has issue:
    7. Mabel Porter, born 21 October, 1883.

      Annie, born 9 May, 1885.

      Georgina, born 13 June, 1887.

      Ethel, born 14 August, 1891.

      Doris Hurrow Porter, born 26 July, 1904.

    8. Hartley, baptized at Nether Wasdale 1859, married at Gosforth 15 December, 1888, Margaret, daughter of John NICHOLSON of Peagill, and died at Asby, Arlecdon, January, 1907, leaving issue:
    9. Sarah Elizabeth, married Jackson HELLON of Arlecdon.

      John Hartely.

    10. Mary Ann, baptized at Nether Wasdale 1862, married Holy Trinity, Whitehaven April 6, 1896, William SINGLETON of Lansdowne House, Scarborough.
    11. Elizabeth, baptized at Nether Wasdale 1863.
    12. Thomas, baptized at Nether Wasdale 1866, of Blackbeck, married Ann SINGLETON and had issue:

Sarah Nova.

Sharp, baptized at Wasdale 1900.

  1. Lancelot PORTER, of Ellerslie Terrace, Gosforth, eldest son of Sharp and Sarah PORTER; baptized at Irton 11 May, 1851; married at Gosforth 4 July, 1883, Elizabeth, daughter of John TAYLOR of Kellbank, and had issue:
  2. John Sharp, baptized at Gosforth June 8, 1884.

    Ernest, baptized at Gosforth, 28 November, 1886.


    As those of Weary Hall, a martlet, or, for difference.


    Buckbarrow is a farm lying close under the fell of that name, in Nether Wasdale, about 1 ¼ miles due north of Usthwaite.

  3. John PORTER, of Buckbarrow, yeoman, second son of John and Hannah of Usthwaite (No. LI.); was baptized at Irton 26 December, 1776, died at Buckbarrow 5 May, 1826; buried at Nether Wasdale. He married Bridget, who died 2 February, 1862, buried at Nether Wasdale. Their children were:
    1. John, baptized 3 January, 1808; buried 26 June, 1810, at Wasdale.
    2. Joseph, their successor (No. LVII.).
    3. Hannah, baptized at Wasdale 13 March, 1811; married there 30 September, 1837, John COLEBANK of Yewtree. Buried at Wasdale, 26 August, 1852.
    4. John, baptized at Wasdale 21 February, 1813, of Calder Hall; married at Ponsonby 6 May, 1838, Margaret, daughter of John MOSSOP of Church House, Ponsonby; died at Cockley Gill, Lamplugh, leaving issue:
    1. William, married Betty BOWMAN of Mireside, Ennerdale, and had issue:
    2. John, of Moor Row.



    3. Joseph, of Knockmurton, married Agnes SCOTT of Workington, and had issue of one daughter.
    4. John, married Mary Ann NORMAN of Eaglesfield and had issue:
      1. Norman, who emigrated.
      2. William.
    1. Lancelot, baptized at Wasdale 1816, buried there 1835.
    2. Isaac, baptized at Wasdale, 1818, buried there 1828.
    3. Margaret, baptized at Wasdale 1820.
    4. Edward, of whom below (No. LVIII.).
    5. Jonathan, baptized at Wasdale, 1824.
    6. Jane, baptized at Wasdale 1826, buried there 1828.

LVII Joseph PORTER, of Buckbarrow, yeoman, son of John and Bridget PORTER, baptized at Wasdale 8 October, 1809; fourteen years churchwarden; died unmarried 2 December, 1879. He was killed by a fall from a cart and buried at Wasdale, leaving Buckbarrow to his nephew John, whom he had brought up.

LVIII Edward PORTER, not in Wasdale Register, married at St. Bridget;s, Beckermet, 14 April, 1850, Ann, daughter of John JOPSON, of Stepheny, St. Bridget’s and had issue:

    1. John, of whom below (No. LIX.).
    2. Hannah, born at Hallflat, Irton.
  1. John PORTER, of Buckbarrow, yeoman, son of Edward and Ann PORTER (No. LVII.); born 1850, baptized at Irton 3 November; married at Wasdale 1883, Mary Ann, daughter of Robert WATSON of Greendale, who died at Croft Cottage, Santon, 17 March, 1905. John sold Buckbarrow in 1889 to Mr. John MUSGRAVE of Wasdale Hall. His children were:
    1. Sarah Ann.
    2. Hannah.
    3. Mary.
    4. Bridget.
    5. Joseph Faulder.
    6. Robert Watson.
    7. Albert Edward.


Blackhow is a farm in the parish and manor of Seascale, which was formerly part of the parish of Gosforth. Townend is a farm almost adjoining.

  1. Philip PORTER, of Blackhow, gentleman, was the second son of Lancelot PORTER of Usthwaite and Margaret CATHERICKE his wife (No. XLVIII.). He was "of Usthwaite" in 1700, at which date Joseph RODGER of Low Place, Eskdale, owed him £10 10s. 0d. (Blackhow MSS.). He was "of Woodhow" in 1713, when his son Philip was born (Netherwasdale Reg.); "of Nether Wasdale" in 1717, when he executed the will of his wife’s aunt Mary THOMPSON, widow of John of Hewrigg, yeoman, Irton (Irton Wills); "of Foulsyke" Nether Wasdale, in 1722, when he supervised the will of his brother Lancelot (Irton Wills); also in 1725, when his son Nicholas died (Netherwasdale Reg.); " of Nether Wasdale"in 1729, when he made the inventory of Henry CADDY of Kirkland, Irton (Irton Wills), and in 1733, when he made the inventory of Robert CUBISH of Santon.

In 1738 Blackhow and Townend were purchased, apparently in the name of his son Philip (Blackhow MSS.). He died at Blackhow, and was buried at Gosforth, 7 February, 1748. He married "Mary, daughter of George BIRKETT’ (Irton Wills) and Emmy his wife, who in her will dated June 28, 1726 makes "my daughter Mary PORTER" executrix and leaves her "my black cow" (Ibid.). Mary THOMPSON of Hewrigg, in 1710 makes "my niece Mary, wife of filip PORTER" executor of her will (Ibid.). She survived her husband Philip and was buried at Gosforth, 3 February, 1752. Their children were:

    1. Henry, baptized at Irton, 1708, so called in Irton Register, but Elianor in the transcript.
    2. Philip, his heir.
    3. Nicholas, buried at Netherwasdale February, 1725.

LXI Philip PORTER, of Blackhow, yeoman, son of Philip and Mary PORTER, was born at Woodhow and baptized at Netherwasdale 27 September, 1713. He appears to have been at Hewrigg at the time of the purchase of Blackhow and Townend in 1738 (Blackhow MSS.), and having removed there was Churchwarden of Gosforth in 1742. He was buried at Gosforth, 19 February, 1797. He married about 1744 Anne, daughter of Paul PARKER (Paul PARKER, buried at Drigg October 1, 1762.), and Ann his wife, daughter and heiress of Thomas THOMPSON, yeoman, to which last Bailey Ground belonged in 1696 (Ibid.). In 1751 Anne PORTER bought Bailey Ground from her brother Thomas Ashburner PARKER of Dublin (Ibid.). She was buried at Gosforth, 27 July, 1754, being wrongly described in the Register as "Mary wife of Philip PORTER," whereas Mary wife of the elder Philip PORTER had died two years before. Their children were:

    1. Mary, baptized at Gosforth, 15 November, 1745.
    2. Bridget, baptized at Gosforth, 21 December 1747, buried there 6 December, 1835, aged 88, unmarried.
    3. John, his heir (No. LXII.).
    4. Hannah, baptized at Gosforth, 4 March, 1753.

Philip PORTER married secondly Esther, daughter of _____ BATEMAN at Drigg, 29 November, 1756. She was buried at Gosforth 23 November, 1791. By her he had a son,

William, baptized at Gosforth, December, 1760.

Lxii John PORTER, of Blackhow, yeoman, eldest son of Philip and Anne PORTER, born at Blackhow, baptized at Gosforth, 8 April, 1750, enfranchised Blackhow in 1786 (Blackhow MSS.), was Churchwarden of Gosforth in 1798; died 26 February, 1837, buried at Gosforth, "aged 87" on tombstone.

He married Sarah, daughter of Peter LEECH of Whitriggs, Drigg, at Drigg 30 December, 1778. Their children were:

    1. Peter, his heir.
    2. Sarah, baptized at Gosforth, 25 July, 1781, married there 7 February, 1805, John HARTLEY of Peel Place, yeoman, died 26 November, 1854 (Tombstone), buried Gosforth.
    3. Nancy, baptized 19th, buried 27 June, 1784.
    4. John, baptized 26th November, 1785, buried 19 February, 1787.
    5. Isaac, of Bailey Ground (No. LXVII.).
    6. Hannah, baptized at Gosforth, 9 July, 1791, married there 24 May, 1819, William MARSHALL of Seascale How, yeoman, who died 13 September, 1837, aged 67 (Tombstone), buried at Gosforth. She died at the Hill, Drigg, and was buried at Gosforth, 9 July, 1853.
    7. William, baptized at Gosforth, 5 September, 1794, buried there 26 February, 1827 (Tombstone).
  1. Peter PORTER, of Blackhow, yeoman, eldest son of John and Anne PORTER, born at Whitriggs, 1779, baptized at Drigg 15 November, died 28 June, 1848 (Tombstone), buried at Gosforth.

He married at Gosforth 7 December, 1807, Eunice, daughter of John WATSON of Gosforth, by whom he had a son,

William, his heir (No. LXIV.).

Eunice died 4 August, 1812, aged 30, and was buried at Gosforth. Peter married 21 December, 1816, at Gosforth, Dorothy BENSON , daughter of Jacob BENSON of Moorside, Gosforth, 35 years Parish Clerk, and Leah his wife. She died without issue 26 November, 1859, aged 67, and was buried at Gosforth.

Peter, not wishing to pay a heavy legacy left by his father to his brother Isaac, divided the land with him, reserving Blackhow to himself.

LXIV William PORTER, of Blackhow, yeoman, only child of Peter and Eunice PORTER, born at Blackhow, baptized at Gosforth, 6 November, 1808, died 30 September, 1872 (Tombstone) buried at Gosforth. He married about 1833, Sarah, daughter of Henry and Jane SHERWEN of High Boonwood, yeoman. Their children were:

    1. John, his heir.
    2. Jane, baptized 26 June, 1835, married George WHITTEN of Side, St. Bridgets.
    3. Bridget, baptized at Gosforth, 24 June, 1838, married there, 2 October, 1858, Anthony son of James TYSON of White Croft, Gosforth.
    4. Eunice, baptized 3 February, 1840, at Gosforth, married 1870, at Drigg, William PEARSON of Whitriggs, yeoman.
    5. Anne, baptized at Gosforth, 13 February, 1842, married there 24 May, 1866, Lancelot MOSSOP of Crossfield, Cleator.
    6. Mary, baptized 19 May, 1844, died 26 may, 1861 (Tombstone).
    7. Hannah, baptized at Gosforth, 13 November, 1848, unmarried.
  1. John PORTER, of Blackhow, yeoman, eldest son of William and Sarah PORTER, born at Blackhow, baptized at Gosforth 7 March, 1834; Churchwarden of Gosforth and of Seascale. Built Fernstock Hill; died at Ferstock, 27 January, 1910, buried at Gosforth. He married at St. Bridgets, Beckerment, 9 January, 1861, Hannah daughter of Isaac BATEMAN of Yottenfews, yeoman. She died at Blackhow 20 January, 1899, buried at Gosforth.

He married secondly Jane HARRISON of Brigham, by whom he had no issue.

His children were:

    1. Mary, baptized at Gosforth, January 5, 1862, married there 7 December, 1887, Thomas, son of Thomas STOCKDALE, of Stepheney, St. Bridgets.
    2. Elizabeth, baptized at Gosforth, 10 July, 1864.
    3. William, baptized at Gosforth, 12 August, 1866, buried there 23 June, 1880.
    4. Annie, baptized at Gosforth, 1 November, 1868, buried there 3 August, 1887.
    5. Sarah Jane, baptized at Gosforth, 11 December, 1870, married there 21 January, 1896, Wilson, son of Isaac COOK of Grange, Egremont.
    6. Margaret, baptized at Gosforth, 16 March, 1873, married at Seascale 8 February, 1905, Isaac John POSTLETHWAITE of Fern Lea, Seascale, son of John and Elizabeth POSTLETHWAITE.
    7. Isaac Bateman, his heir (No. LXVI.).
    8. John Bateman, baptized at Gosforth 4 August, 1878, married at Seascale 21 February, 1905, Mary, daughter of John PEARSON of Whitriggs, yeoman, and had issue Eleanor married Albert GREENHOW and Mary married John DENT.
    9. Ada, baptized at Gosforth, 7 November, 1880, buried there 16 June, 1888.

LXVI. Isaac Bateman PORTER, of Blackhow, yeoman, born at Blackhow, baptized at Gosforth, 10 October, 1875.


As those of Weary Hall, on a martlet or, a crescent gules, for difference.


Bailey Ground is a farm in the parish and manor of Seascale, formerly in Gosforth, which adjoins Blackhow. In the wall of an outbuilding is a stone-dated 1690.

Lxvii Isaac PORTER, of Bailey Ground, yeoman, third son of John and Sarah PORTER of Blackhow (LXII), received Bailey Ground from his brother Peter in 1837, in place of the legacy left him by his father. He was baptized at Gosforth, 19 January, 1788, and died May 4, 1858, his tombstone at Gosforth giving his age as 70. He married, 1814, Hannah, daughter of the Rev. _____ SMITH, of Ainhouse, Irton, who died 12 February, 1870, aged 83, and was buried at Gosforth. Their children were:

    1. Sarah, baptized 5 April, 1815, at Gosforth, married 16 June, 1855, James CORMICK of Gosforth Hall, son of Andrew. James was drowned in a pool in Capple Beck, now called Jimmy Hole, buried at Gosforth. Sarah was also buried at Gosforth 20 June, 1887.
    2. Isaac (No. LXVIII.).

Lxviii Isaac PORTER, of Bailey Ground, yeoman, only son of Isaac and Hannah PORTER, baptized at Gosforth, 5 March, 1819, died at Bailey Ground 22 June, 1872, of typhus fever, and was buried at Gosforth on the following night. He married at Gosforth 15 January, 1859, Mary, daughter of Thomas and Isabella HILL of Whineray, Gosforth. She was baptized at Gosforth, 4 March, 1819, and long survived her husband, dying at Bailey Ground 18 July, 1902, aged 83. Their children were:

    1. Isabella, baptized at Gosforth, 1 December, 1861, died aged 10 at Bailey Ground, of typhus, on the same day as her father, buried with him at Gosforth the same night.
    2. Sarah Hannah, of Bailey Ground, baptized at Gosforth, 15 July, 1860, married there 26 April, 1893, Henry Gunson BATEMAN, son of William BATEMAN of Calder Town, Ponsonby, and has issue. (not named in the book)

Thus we know that his old Cumberland family is not only extinct, but exists in considerable number in the county. It is satisfactory to hear that the latest born carries on the grand old name of Lancelot. My sincere thanks for much readily given help are due to the late Mr. W. N. THOMPSON, to Dr. HASWELL, the Rev. J. EWBANK, the Rev. Dr. MOOR, Mr. McIvor BUCHANAN, Mr. RUSTON-HARRISON, MR. T. MEYLER-WARLOW and many others.

Printed 1914.

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