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Records of Kendale Vol 1 by William Farrer Litt.

Edited by John F. Curwen, F.S.A.


  1. Gilemichel held Bodelforde; Dom. Bk., f. 302.
  1. William de LANCASTER II gave to Gervase de AINECURT, for his homage and
  1. service, Ģ15 worth of land yearly, to hold for the service of 3 parts of one knight's fee, namely inter alia Natalund and Bothelford [extending] unto the brook of the gallows and so the whole field up to the way from Horton . . . . to the bounds of Hoton and Stainton; see Sizergh.


  1. Gilbert, son of Roger FITZ-REINFRED confirmed to Gervase de AINECURT the
  1. land which William de LANCASTRE gave to him, namely Natalund, Bothelford, etc.


  1. Ralph AINCURT gave to master Roger PEPIN, rector of the mediety of the church of Kirkebi in Kendale, land in Natalunt in a competent place, 80 feet in length and 40 in breadth, to hold during his life, for the site of a barn in which to put his tithe of Natalunt. Dated at Appilbi, 5 Ides November, A.D. 1246; D. at Sizergh.

On the morrow of Martinmas, 31 Henry III, at Appelby, Roger PEPYN, parson of the mediety of the church of Kyrkeby in Kendale, acknowledged that 14 a. land in Natelund were the right of Ralph de EYNCURT and released them to Ralph for himself and his successors, parsons of the said mediety; and further granted that Ralph and his heirs should henceforth have a chapel in their court at Natelund for the celebration of divine service. For this agreement Ralph gave to Roger and his mediety of the said church, a messuage and 10 a. land in Wynnefel which Richard PRAT sometime held and 10 a. of the said Ralph's land next the said messuage, to hold in alms; D. at Sizergh; Feet of F., file 4., n. 15.


  1. Peter de BRUS released to William de STIRKELAND and Elizabeth his wife their

-72 land of Natelund and Syreydherg, free from puture (Puture, a custom claimed by keepers in forests, and sometimes by bailiffs of Hundreds, to freely take mans-meat, horse-meat, and dog-meat from the tenants within the perambulation of the forest or Liberty of the Hundred.) of his master forester and all the things belonging to the same forestry; D. at Sizergh.


  1. Walter de STIRKLAUND complains that Roger de BURTON, Richard de PRESTON, Thomas COLLAN, John and Robert, his sons, Robert son of Swayn, Thomas TORT, Thomas de KIME, Thomas DERING, John le SERJAUNT, William de GEYTECRAGGE, Richard ALMELE, Alan le PARKER, John BRADBELT, William BULNEYS, William GILPIN and Henry RUD, came to his land in Nateland and took away his goods and those of Nicholas de CRAKEHALE, his bondman; Cal. Pat. R. 1290, p. 408.


1292 By deed, dated at Kirkeby in Kendal, on Wed. next, after St. Matthew, the apostle, 20 Edward I (24 September, 1292), Walter son of Sir William de STIRKELANDE, granted to Robert de WESSINGTON and Joan, the grantor's sister, 9 messuages, 5 bovates, 115― a. I R. land in Natelande, of which William, son of Stephen, holds a messuage and 2 a.; William BRONBAYNE, a mess., 2 a. I R.; Nicholas, son-in-law of Ellen, a mess., 1 bovate and 10 a.; Henry del GRENE, a mess., 1 bovate and 13― a.; Richard de CRACHALLE, a mess., 1 bovate and 31 a., with waste called Kalnestilde (or Kalrestilde); Richard of the Hall, a mess., 1 bovate and 27 a. I R.; Thomas de CRACHALLE, a mess., ― bovate and 4 a.; William, the reaper (messor) a mess., and 1― a. I R.; Nicholas the shepherd, 6 a.; Robert, the miller, 4 a. and Nicholas PARKER, 3 a.; also the moiety of Lowkerig and the land of John, son of Grete, and the meadow called le Quaghe to hold to them and their issue; D. at Sizergh.


William de STIRKELAUND, son of Sir Robert de STIRKELAUND, releases to Walter de STIRKELAUND, his son and heir, 104s. 10d. worth of land in Nateland, which William reserved on the day when he enfeoffed Walter of the vill of Nateland. See Helsington.


  1. Walter de STYRKELAUND impleaded Nicholas de CRAKEHALE, that he render an account of the time that he was his bailiff in Nateland; De Banco R., Hil., 103, n. 72.


  1. "Wauter" son of Sir William de STIRKLAUND, lets to farm to Baudwyn de SCHEPESHEVED and Sibyl, his wife, the chief messuage of Natelund with the demesne land and le Bradynge, 1 a. meadow in Staynton, with the wood of Broudhous, which Walter recovered against them by judgment in the King's court, to hold for 9 years from Sunday next before St. Cuthbert in Lent, 30 Edward I, at 45s. rent; D. at Sizergh.


  1. Grant by John son of Grete to Sir Walter de STIRKELAND of 6 a. in Nateland.

-1327 Witnesses: Robert de WESSINGTON, John de WESSINGTON, Baldwyn de SCHEPESHEVED, Rouland de PATTON, Thomas de LEVENES, John COLLAN; D. at Sizergh.


  1. Agreement made on Sunday next after Michaelmas, 6 Edward II, whereby Sir Walter de STIRKLAND granted to Robert de WESSINGTON and Joan, his wife and their issue, 7 a. I R. in Natland, to improve the estate which Robert and Joan already held by Walter's feoffment, namely, in Crakhal, 2 a., in Uttyngapefalgh, 1 a., upon le Bradeflatt 2 a., near Dupeslaw and on either side of the cross in Nateland, 2 a. I R., and common of pasture in Nateland for themselves and tenants, for all beasts, except goats, outside the hedges at all times, and within the hedges in the town field after the corn and hay have been carried, saving in the lands which Sir Walter holds in severalty and in the wood of Brundehous and le Storthes, and in Loukerigg, which he and Robert and Joan hold in severalty; and liberty to take estovers (except for fuel) in the wastes of Nateland, except in Helm, Alde Nateland, Loukerigg and le Waterbankes, where they shall take rods only; Sir Walter also granted that they should hold the waste, meadow and moss of the Quaghes; all which he granted in exchange for 7 a. I R., namely in le Storthes, 1 a. 3 r., le Tathes, 1 r., at le Quitestone above the highway, 1― a., between Brundehous and the land of Beatrice la HARPERESTE and Le Walstorth, 1― a., in les Eshspyres and Ulmeriddynges, 1― a., and in Ketelhathes 3 r., which Sir Walter will presently enclose. Witnesses: Nicholas de LEYBURN, Knt., Roger de KERNETEBY vicar of Kyrkeby in Kendale, John de WESSINGTON, Baldewyn de SHEPESHEVID, Thomas DAUNEY ("de Alneto"), Alan de ELMED, Thomas de LEVINES, Thomas, son of William, son of John, clerk; D. at Sizergh.


  1. Nateland. Subside of a fifteenth.

Nicholas the reeve … … … in goods 30s.

Robert ROUTHE … … … in goods 15s.

Richard WARAYNER … … … in goods 45s.

John son of Agnes … … … in goods 30s.

Nicholas MAKERAHTE … … in goods 15s.

Robert son of Ellis … … … in goods 15s.

Adam FISHER (piscator) … … in goods 15s.

Adam brother of the reeve … … in goods 15s.

Nelle de CROSTHWAYT … … in goods 20s.

Sum of goods Ģ10, whereof to the King 13s. 4d.; Excheq., Lay Sub., Westmld., 195, 1A.


  1. John, son of Sir Gilbert de CULLEWEN, kt., granted to Robert, son of Robert de WESSINGTON and his heirs, estovers in his wood of Preston Patrick, necessary for housebote and havbote for Robert's tenants in Nateland. Deed at Sizergh. See Preston Patrick.


  1. Adam BRIDDE impleaded Richard SHEPHIRD of Nateland, that he render him 40s. which he has unjustly detained; De Banco R., Trin., 466, n. 161d.


  1. Thomas, son and heir of Walter de STIRKELAND, chivaler, assigned in dower to dame Alice, late the wife of Sir Walter, inter alia a park called Natelandpark, a close called Storthepark, in the vill of Helsyngton, a tenement called Ald Nateland, which John BAYLEY holds at will in the said vill; D. at Sizergh.


  1. Thomas de WARCOPP of Lambertsete and Alice his wife, late the wife of Walter de STIRKELAND, knt., demised Alice's dower in Hakethorp, Nateland and Staynton, to Thomas de STRYKELAND, son and heir of Sir Walter, during Alice's life, for Ģ20 13s. 4d. yearly; ib.


  1. Thomas de STIRKELAND, knt., enfeoffed John de BARTON and William MAYMORN, chaplains, of his messuages, lands, etc., which John de NATELANDE, Thomas BLOUELL, Alice BLOUELL, John SPRENTLOPP, William MAKERETH, John RAUTH, Richard SPEGHT, Robert ARNOTSON, Enota de NATELANDE, Thomas SPEGHT, Peter de STIRKELAND, John de REPON, John WILSON, John DECOUSAN, Adam de BERGH, and Joan relict of Thomas DICSIN severally held in Natland, and a parcels called Edoyneyng and Brownebayne land in Natlande. The feoffees in the ensuing year enfeoffed Thomas de STRIKELAND, knt., and Mabel, his wife of the same premises and lands in Staynton, to hold to them and the heirs male of the said Thomas, remainder to the heirs male, of the body of Thomas de STIRKELAND, knt., grandfather of the said Thomas; D. at Sizergh.


  1. Thomas STRYKLAND, knt., pays 34s. for farm of the tithes of Nateland (51 bushels of oatmeal); Roll at Levens.


  1. Robert LAWRENCE, knt., held at his death, land and tenements in the vill and hamlet of Nateland, of Thomas de STIRKELAND, "chivaler," by service unknown, worth 10 marks yearly; Robert LAWRENCE his son, aged 40 years, is the next heir; Inq., p. m., 18 Hen. VI, n. 44.


  1. For the names of the tenants of Thomas STRYKELAND, knt., in Natland, see Sizergh, p. 150.


  1. William, abbot of St. Mary's, York, and the convent, parsons of the parish church of Kirkeby in Kentdall, let to farm to Thomas STRIKELAND, knt., for nine years the tithe corn of Nateland for 51s. yearly. Deed at Sizergh.


  1. Edmund, abbot of St. Mary's, York, etc., leases to Richard WHALLEY, the abbot's servant, the tithes of corn and hay, late in the holding of Walter STIRKLAND, knt., inter alia belonging to the tithe barns of Natland and Sizar, for 41 years, paying for Natland, 74s. 8d. and Sizar, 20s., saving the term of years still unexpired belonging to the executors of the said Sir Walter; D. at Sizergh.


  1. Walter STRYKLAND, upon attaining his majority, had lands and tenements, parcel of the manor of Natland, worth yearly Ģ5 14s. o―d.; in Kyrby Kendale, worth Ģ3. Elizabeth GASCOYGN, formerly wife of Walter STRYKLANDE, knt., deceased, grandfather of Walter the son, held as jointure lands and tenements inter alia in Natland with the water-mill, worth yearly, Ģ11 9s. 9―d.; in Kyrby Kendale, 38s. 8d.; in Graryke and Hugyll, 26s. 5d.; meadows in Stanton ynges 48s.; Thomas STRYKLAND, has for life, lands and tenements in Natlande, worth yearly, Ģ6 13s. 4d.; and lands and tenements in Natland and Kendale, given to a chantry, were worth yearly Ģ4 13s. 4d. Orig. at Sizergh.


1539 Lease of the tithes of Natland and Whynfell, for 66s. yearly, and for Sysyrehe 20s., from William, abbot of St. Mary's, York, etc., to William KNEVETT, esq., and Lady Katheryn STRYKLAND, his wife; ib.

Rental of Walter STRYKLAND, esq., 1 July, 31 Henry VIII, in Natland with the members: the following took tenements (On the succession of Walter STRICKLAND his tenants at will wold by custom renew their tenures and pay fines on entry.) etc. (the sum named being the fine for gressom).

Roland BECKE … … … … … … Ģ5

Anthony LANGHORNE, the tenement late in the tenure of

Gervase ROLANDSON … … … … … Ģ4

Thomas MAKERETHE, elder … … … … 46s. 8d.

Thomas MAKERETHE, younger … … … Ģ10

John JAXSON … … … … … … Ģ4

Thomas WARENER … … … … … Ģ5 6s. 8d.

Henry GRENBANKE, ― tent. … … … 43s. 4d.

Nicholas SPYGHT … … … … … Ģ4

Rowland SAUNDERSON … … … … Ģ3

William SAUNDERSON … … … … Ģ6

John DAUBER … … … … … Ģ6

William DAUNEY … … … … … Ģ6

Thomas SPENCE … … … … … Ģ3

Lawrence GRENBANKE, 2 tents. … … … Ģ3 10s.

Edward SILL, 1/3 tent. … … … … … 27s.

Richard SILL, 2/3 tent. … … … … … 46s. 8d.

James ROLONDSON … … … … … 20s.

William SMYTHE … … … … … 40s.

Thomas SYLL … … … … … 46s. 8d.

Christopher SADELAR … … … … … 46s. 8d.

Richard BAGULAY … … … … … 40s.

John LANKESTRE … … … … … 40s.

Thomas CAWPLAND … … … … … 33s. 4d.

James COWPER took a cottage … … … 4s. 8d.

Edward SILL, the tenement late in the tenure of John GURNELL,

And he gave the lord for entry, Ģ4, and for "le tenandright" Ģ12,

Sureties: Rowland BECKE and Roger HELME.

Brian HIGHYN, a cottage … … … … 10s.

Milles COWPER, a tent. 4 marks, Sureties: Edward SILL, and Peter


William SCHEPPARD, a cottage … … … 10s.

Hengon HUDSON, a cottage … … … … 10s.


1540c "The booke of Walter STRYKELANDE, esquyer, etc., of his tenandes and inhabitantes" within Natland: each with horse, harnes and a bowe, Thomas MACERETH, elder, Edward MACARETH, Lawrance GRENEBANKE, James ROWLANDSON, Mylles ROBYNSON, Roger PRYKET, Mylles KOWPER, James PRYKET, Cristoper BEK.

Bylmen, with horse, harnes and a byll: Thomas WARYNER, Thomas SYLL, Wylliam SANDERSON, William SMYTHE, Edward (cancelled), Thomas MACARETHE, Thomas (cancelled), John WYLLIAMSON, John (cancelled), Edward BENSON, Wylliam STRYKELAND, James ROBYNSON, Robert PRYKET, Robert MAKARETH, Martyn GYLPYN.

Foytmen with sum harnes, oder none: Thomas SPENCE, a jak, a sallet, and a bow; Rowlland PRYKET, harnese and a bow; Hew HODSON a bow, Bryan HYGGYN, a bow.

Bylles: John ATKYNSON, a jake and a byll; Mycall SPYGHT, a sallet and a byll; Robert STRYKLAND, the same; Henry GRENEBANKE, James KOWPER, Edward SYLL, William SCHIPERT [each] a byll; Edward SILL "h. h. a bowe."

Yongmen bowys (each had a bow): Nycholes SCHERMAN, Wylliam SCHERMAN, Roger WLAKER, John NYKSON, Robert WARYNER (these 5 cancelled), Wylliam JHONSON, John COWPER (cancelled).

Bylles (each had a bill): James TOORNER, George BOWMAN, Lawrence SANDERSON, Leonard COWPER (cancelled), Peter COWPER, Robert MACARETH (cancelled), Jhon BARRAY, Nycholes MACARETH, Brian DENNESON, Hene NYCOLSON, John INGERSON, Wylliam SHEPERT, James WALKER, Tomas COWPLAND, John LANCASTER; Roll at Sizergh.


  1. In Easter term, 8 Elizabeth (1566), Thomas CHADOCK and Jane his wife, Ewan HAUGHTON and Ellen his wife, convey by fine to Walter STRYCKLAND, esq., 14 messuages etc., in Nateland, Crakell and Lawkrygge in Kendall, of the clear value of Ģ3 17s. 4d. yearly. The property was late that of Richard SKYLLYCORNE, esq., deceased, whose daughters and heirs were the said Jane, wife of Thomas CHADOCKE of Tyldesley, co. Lanc., gent., and Elyn, wife of Ewayn HAUGHTON of Darbye, co. Lanc., gent. The consideration was Ģ140; Orig. Fine and D. at Sizergh.


  1. After the death of Walter STRIKCLAND, the Court of Wards granted to Alice his relict inter alia the manor of Natland, yielding Ģ28 3s. 2ūd. messuages and lands of Crakell, 27s. 2d. and 15 a. pasture in Lawkrigge, 15s. 5d.; the manor of Whinfell including perquisites of courts, 40s. Ģ15 17s. 5d., a tenement in Sleadall in the tenure of the wife of George HARISON, 14s. 1d., a tenement in Staveley, in the tenure of Rowland NICHOLSON, 5s. 8d.; out of which rents the said Alice took one third for dower and paid about two-thirds as rent to the Court of Wards; D. at Sizergh.


  1. Lancelot BOWLDE (Bold) of Farneworth, co. Lanc., gent., and Grace, his wife convey to Thomas STRICKLAND, esq., son and heir of Walter STRICKLAND, deceased, their part and pourparty of lands and tenements in Natland, Lawcreck, Crakell and Seggeswick, now or late in the tenure of Thomas BOYNTON, esq., Miles ROBINSON, James ROBINSON, Robert PRICKET, Thomas PRICKET, Widow STRICKLAND, Edmund STRICKLAND, Widow MAKERELL (sic), Widow WILLIAMSON, James PRICKET and William SHEPPHERD, and a yearly rent of 7s. 8―d. in Natland, Lawcreck and Crakell; D. at Sizergh.


  1. Manors, lands, etc., of Thomas STRYCKLANE, which descended to him after the death of Walter, his Father, who died 8 April, 1569, inter alia: The manor of Natland, held of the heirs of Thomas PARRE, knt., as of the 4th part of the barony of Kendall by knight's service and worth per annum clear Ģ25 9s. 10d.; 2 messuages in Crackhall, of whom held unknown, worth yearly, 27s. 2d.; 15 a. in Lawkrigge, worth yearly, 15s. 5d.; a pasture of 16 a. and 30 a. wood called Natland Park, worth yearly, 16s. 8d.; R. at Sizergh.


  1. William LANGHORNE of Natland, yeoman, assigns to Thomas LANGHORNE, his brother, of Kingston upon Thames, tailor, a tenement in Natland, late in the occupation of Anthony LANGHORNE, deceased, and now of the said William, of the lands and inheritance of Thomas STRICKLAND, esq., yearly rent 20s.; D. at Sizergh.


  1. Walter CORNETWHAT, son of Walter CORNETWHAT, late of the Crawparke in Natland, husbandman, conveys for Ģ16 (This represented the value of the share of the tenentright which belonged to Walter CORENTWHAT.) to Thomas STRICKLAND of Sisergh, esq., the messuage and tenement called Craweparke, late in the holding of Walter the father of the lands of Thomas STRICKLAND, YEARLY RENT 17s. 6d., saving the estate of Robert ATKINSON and Katherine, his wife, in the premises, for the term of Katherine's life. Dated 7th November, 34 Elizabeth. Deed at Sizergh.


  1. Thomas STRICKLAND's rent roll in Natland, made 1 August, 30 Elizabeth, 1597.







Relict of Robert WILLSON Jas. ROLLANDSON for a close

Christopher NEWBY Alan PRICKETT



Thomas MAKERETH William SHEPARD, 3s. 4d.


Robert STRICKLAND, for the tenement, late in the holding of Edmund, his father, gressom Ģ5, hauling silver and 9s. 10d.

Relict of John MACKERETH Lawrence WILLIAMSON


Lawrence WILLIAMSON and Peter SHEPARD, 23s. 4d. Peter SHEPHERD (for his fine of half that tenement which his father and he jointly held, being tenant of the other moiety before, rent 5s., gressome, 40s. and for fine of a cottage, rent 3s. 4d., gressome, 10s.) and William SHEPERD, 1 hen for hauling silver (Hallage, an obligation connected with the use of a hall, as when a toll is due to the lord of a fair or market for such commodities as are vended in the Common Hall of the place.) and 9s. 1―d/ Relict of William SHEPPARD (for her heriot (Heriot, a payment due tot he lord of a fee on the death of a tenant) of half the Scarthes, 40s.) 23s. 4d.




Miles ROBINSON The relict of Edward SILL


Robert ATKINSON, for the tenement at Crawpark, for Gressome, Ģ6 8s. and for rent 10 hens, 4 shearings, 1 barrow and 16s. 7d.


Rolland MACKERETH, elder Robert PRICKETT, elder

Relict of George BENSON Rowland MACKERETH, younger



  1. Inquest taken at Kirkie Kendall, 23 September, 4 Chs, I (1629), before Henry COWPER, esq., escheator, in co. Westmoreland, "virtute officii," by the oath of Anthony KNIPE, Henry FIELD, gentlemen, Allan STEVENSON, Thomas BRIGGES, Adam SHEPPARD, Robert HARLINGE, Henry GARNETT, Edward HARLINGE, Edmond GARNETT, James HARDIE, Christopher PHILLIPSON, William JENINGES, John BIRKETT, Charles JOHNSON, John JACKSON and William HODGSON, yeoman, who say that:

John BELL of Natlande, yeoman, on the day he died, was seised in his demense as of fee of 2 closes of land called "le Highe Close" and "Lowe Close" cont'g by estim'n, 5 acres in Natland, in the tenure of Barnard CROSBIE now customary tenant thereof. Premises held of King as of his manor of Kirbie Kendall called "le Marquesse Fee" by knight service and they are worth yearly clear 6d. John BELL died 26 November 1627 and James BELL, now of Natlande is his son and nearest heir, aged 5 years at the time of his father's death. Chanc. Inq., post mort., Ser. Ii, vol. 707, No. 62.


  1. A Breviat of all the hearths chargeable.

32 in number -- Ģ1 12s. 0d. tax.

Mr. William GREY … 4 Nich HOLLOWHEAD … … 1

Mr. John WILKINSON … 2 Chr. PRICKETT … … 2

Math. RANGE … … 1 Tho. KITCHINE … … 1


Mr. Tho SHEAPHERD … 2 Mr. John HADWEN … … 2

Willm ROBINSON … … 1 Tho WILSON … … 2

Edmund STRICKLAND … 1 Willm WILSON … … 1

James JACKSON … … 2 Rich ROBINSON … … 1

Walter COWPER … … 1 These persons following are

John ATKINSON … … 1 discharged by Certificates.

Robert LEA … … 1 Robt HODGHSON … … 1

John POWE … … 2 Widdow KITCHIN … … 1

James GARNETT … … 1

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