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Records of Kendale Vol 1 by William Farrer Litt.

Edited by John F. Curwen, F.S.A.



William son of William de Lancaster gives to the brethren of the hospital of St. Peter, York, the land called Dockerga, by bounds (described), in exchange for land in Kirkeby in Kendale which Ketel son of Eltred gave them and the land of Bartonheved which William, the donor's father gave them; Cal. Of Chart. R., ii, 442.


Gilbert, son of Roger Fitz-Rainfray comfirmed the gift of Docarhe to the brethren of the hospital of St. Peter, York, made by William de Lancastre, by bounds (described); and granted that the brethren might have their horses and pigs in the grantors forest and 2 folds there, one at Capelthwait and one at Roakerdale, in wich to fold and brand their horses and colts once a year, with other liberties; ib., 443.


Grant to the of St. Leonard, York, of free warren in Garthorn and Docker; Cal. Of Chart. R., ii, 255.


Walter de Langeton, master of the hospital of St. Leonard's York, demands against Ingram de Gynes and Christiana his wife and against Gilbert de Brunolvesheved, that they permit him to have common of pasture in Hoton and Lambrigg respectively which belongs to his free tenement in Docker. See Hutton in the Hay p.178, and Lambrigg.


Tithe of Dokker, demised to . Who paid 8s., namely for 12 bushels of oatmeal; Roll at Levens.


Grant to Richard Washington of Grarig of various lands which had belonged to St. Leonard's hospital, York, including the manor of Docker (many tenants named); Letters and Papers, Domestic, vol. 18 (1), 531, n. 26.

Licence to the said Richard Wasshyngton, to alienate to Anthony Duckett the manor of Docker and lands in the hands of 15 tenants (named), the rent and service of Thomas Corney for lands in Middleton, par. Kirkby Lonsdale, and those of Rolande Blande for lands in Settbrare (Sedbergh) and Dent, co York, all which belong to St. Leonard's hospital, York; ib., 532, n. 34.


Richard Wasshyngton of Grarig, gent., and Philippa his wife, passed by fine to Anthony Duckett, esq., the manor of Docker and tenements in Docker, Ktrkby in Kendall and Kyrkby in Lonesdall; Feet of Fines, Mich. Term, 36 Hen. V111.

1669 A Breviate of all the hearths chargable.

14 in number----14s. tax.

Tho: Akerigg ---- 2

Tho: Hewitson ---- 1

Allan Holme ---- 1

James Moore ---- 1

John Becke ---- 1

William Becke ---- 2

Nich: Townson ---- 1

Arthur Holme ---- 1

Willm Lowes ---- 1

John Adamson ---- 1

Mr. Duckett ---- 2

These persons following are discharged by certificates unpaid.

Widd: Helme ---- 1

John Colt ---- 1

Willm Stainton---- 1

Widd: Wood ---- 1

Jann't Lowes ---- 1

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